Tomb Raider – Monastery Escape Gameplay


A new 11-minute long video has been released for Tomb Raider, featuring walkthrough commentary by the game’s Creative Director Noah Hughes. In the video, we see Lara navigate her way through the Monastery in an attempt to get to one of her friends who has been taken captive by the hostile people that inhabit the island.

Some familiar scenes, like Lara parachuting from a falling apart plane and sliding through dangerous waters while shooting barricades, make up the gameplay walkthrough, as well as some new areas. In fact, many of the things we’ve had explained to us in the Guide to Survival series come up in this new gameplay.

There is some story related stuff present in the video, so if you don’t want anything from the game spoiled, it might be best to not watch, even though it’s not that bad.

Tomb Raider releases on March 5th.

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