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Top 5 Hottest Online Gambling Games that Are The Pride Of The Casino


Digital casino fans are insanely conservative. There is no controversy in a simple statement – only 5 games really push the industry forward. There is a nice little rule called 80/20 or the Pareto Principle. In theory, the basic statement of the concept is widely applicable worldwide. Online gambling in not an exception.

So, according to the Pareto Principle, 20% of activities are responsible for 80% of results. That’s quite a mediocre explanation of an insanely difficult concept, but it should do the trick nonetheless.

If we take a good look on any casino-based industry like the online gambling australia has to offer we will see that 20% of all digital entertainment provide 80% of industry incomes.

Why Australia?

Because it is a country where such activities are both legal and insanely popular among citizens. Over 80% of the adults here engage with gambling in one way or the other. Here’s a fun fact – all forms of gambling there are earning around $5 billion for the Australian government, with poker machines alone pitching in with $3 billion. Talk about the 80/20 rule, right?

The entire industry is estimated to bring in $20 billions in revenue. What are the 20% that deliver 80% of income?


Our list can be proud with honorary participants. Most of the titles here have an age-long history. But why waste any time? Let’s get to the point!

  • Poker – the one true king among gamblers. A game of skill over luck. This charming gameplay has an addictive flair or adventure. That’s why people love it so much.
  • Slot machines – a fine example of man VS machine. Who will come out on top? Additionally these kinds of games add a lot of diversity to online gambling as some of the choices are truly limitless.
  • Roulette – fortune prefers the bold. And is there really a better way to test one’s luck that’s better than a classical roulette?
  • Black Jack – simple, slick, classy. Pull or stand your grown, the choice is yours. A game that good is a gentleman’s choice. Or so people believe.
  • Video Poker – this shockingly new revelation I the industry is gaining more popularity with every second. The game became an instant classic in a heartbeat.

These are basically the kings and queens in the world of casinos. Which ones do you prefer? Or do you have a far more conservative attitude to gambling? In either case – feel free to share your thoughts through the comments below.

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