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Top Five Video Game Soundtracks

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While drinking and playing some video games, somewhat of a weekly ritual amongst my friends, the question of which game had the best or perhaps most iconic soundtrack came up. As one could imagine, with the aid of alcohol, that oh-so-special decision-making inhibitor, a not-so eloquent debate ensued, which got me thinking, “What is the best/most iconic video game soundtrack of all-time?” Over the next five articles I will be visiting five games which I believe have either the best or most iconic soundtracks.

So without any further ado…

5) Tetris


Hand cramping… Oh God no……

Hey, you gotta start somewhere… I understand it’s not really a soundtrack, nor is it particularly complex from a musical standpoint. However that catchy little Tetris song is one of the most iconic tunes in video game history, and can be easily recognized pretty much anybody under 50. I mean seriously, who hasn’t played Tetris?… Crickets.

But… if you haven’t played it for some reason, we’ve provided a link in this very sentence “link to Tetris and/or downfall of your personal life”, because we’re just cool like that.

So that’s it for today. A slow start, I know, but I promise that the soundtracks and the ensuing commentary will ramp up over the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy a bit of Tetris music!




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