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The Town of Light Will Soon Traumatize Players on PS4 and Xbox One

I played The Town of Light for review, and quite enjoyed it. It’s a harrowing experience that takes place entirely in an abandoned asylum. My few complaints that I had now seem to be being addressed in a re-release for the game. An updated version will be coming to PC, and finally be being released on PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2017. Above you will find a trailer for the re-release.

The new release of the game will include new puzzles, some re-worked voiceover dialogue, more interactivity, improved graphics and a complete overhaul of the UI. Honestly, those sound like much needed improvements. This Italian psychological adventure game is exactly the kind of refreshing experience players should want to play through, even if it gets a bit too traumatizing at times. It’s not a tearjerker, but it will leave you feeling unsettled.

Above you can find screenshots from the revamped version of the game, as well as some of the key artwork that the game uses for its cutscenes.

For those unaware, The Town of Light has players playing through the eyes of Renee, a 16 year-old suffering from mental illness who returns to a locale where she spent her youth. There is a level of historical accuracy that the game strives for, and it helps to bring that extra level of immersion to the game. Wired Productions will be releasing the game in conjunction with the developer,

Source: Wired Productions Press Release

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