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UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune Revealed for PlayStation Vita

Earlier today Sony and Sony  Bend Studios announced a new Uncharted game for the PlayStation Vita called UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune.

For those hoping for another action adventure third-person shooter game, think again; this game is an action-adventure turn-based card game. UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune will feature heroes, villains and mercenaries from the UNCHARTED universe.

In UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune, players create a faction from characters from the UNCHARTED universe. The faction can then be equipped with powerful “resource” and “fortune” cards to enhance their stats and special abilities. Once cards have been selected and equipped, the battle begins. Attacks can either reduce opponents’ health or their faction cards. Once a faction has been defeated, it is removed from play.

UNCHARTED:Fight for Fortune will launch December 4 for $4.99 on the PS Vita.

(Via The PlayStation Blog)


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