Urara Meirocho Steaming Through Anime Network Online

Anime Network Online is now streaming Urara Meirocho this month.

Urara Meirocho from Sentai Filmworks is based on Harikamo’s four panel manga. Four girls are on a journey to become uranaishi (fortune tellers) or THE Urara. a young teenager, Chiya, goes through the gates of Meiro-cho to work towards achieving the position of the top fortune teller of the country. Unlike the other girls, Chiya harbors a secret purpose for becoming the Urara. Along with a few other girls, Kon, Koume and Nono, Chiya begins her training as uranaishi apprentice.

Urara Meirocho / Anime Network Online

(Urara Meirocho, Anime Network Online)

The writer for the anime is Deko Akao who also worked on the Snow White with the Red Hair anime. Youhei Suzuki is the director for Urara Meirocho who is known for directing  SHIMONETA and the “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat. You can watch Chiya and her friends as they work towards becoming fortune tellers through Anime Network Online. Each Saturday from now until March 25 2017 will feature a new episode in the series.

Source: Anime News Network and Anime Network Online

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