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Whatcha’ Playing? Humpday Haiku’s – July 12, 2017

(Assassin's Creed III - Ubisoft)

So we took a week off to celebrate the birth of America with our families and our consoles. These are just a few of the games we played during the long weekend and of course the week after that. Needless to say it has been a fun few weeks.

Josh Nichols – Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy

(Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy – Activision)

Jump, spin, slide, belly flop
Favorite Release of the Year
Come on Plumber Boy

Meg Humphries – Borderlands 2

(Borderlands 2 – 2K Games)

Fearless, fight or loot
everything. Watch out! Badass!
Oh, wait, that’s just me.

Alexx Aplin – Final Fantasy XV – Episode Prompto

(Final Fantasy XV: Episode Promto – Square-Enix)

An Identity
At Odds with What He Once Knew
A Man Finds His Past

Jerry Dobracki – Wolfenstein: The New Order

(Wolfenstein: The New Order – Bethesda)

B.J. is back again
Somehow we lost World War II
Better fix this fast

Ashley Schonberg – Aven Colony

(Aven Colony – Team17 Digital Ltd)

Grow your colony
Settlements on Aven Prime
Watch for aliens

So what did you play while dodging fireworks, eating hot dogs and drinking beer? Let us know in the comments.

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