Whatcha’ Playing? Humpday Haikus – June 14, 2017

(Perception - The Deep End Games)

E3 is over and now that we’ve been immersed in all the games to come, let’s talk about all the games we are playing. Here is some more poetry from the gang at BagoGames, enjoy.

Jerry Dobracki – WrestleMania 2000

(WrestleMania 2000 – THQ)

Stunner to The Rock
Pabst for Stone Cold Steve Austin
I miss these graphics

Chris Penwell – Overwatch

(Overwatch – Blizzard)

The meta has changed
Competitive is tougher
“The cavalry’s here”

Christopher Cross – E3


I have to write news
E3 stops for nobody
My games collect dust

Josh Nichols – Overcooked

(Overcooked – Team17)

Cooking up the stuff
No! Another kitchen fire
Good good foods and fun

Alexx Aplin – Superdimension Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls

(Superdimension Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls – Idea Factory International)

Neptune and friends
Trying to repair our time
On a new quest

Ashley Schonberg – Perception

(Perception – The Deep End Games)

Visions of a house
Our blind protagonist dreams

And finally our one writer who is still getting use to Haikus, this is what was actually sent to me. Enjoy!

Fernando De Costa – Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

(Lunar Silver Star Story Complete – Working Designs)

An Angelic Voice
Singing a sweet melody
To Goddess Althena
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete



An Angelic voice
Singing a sweet melody
To all of the land.
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
I fucked up with 6 syllables

What have you been playing or catching up on since E3? A little Battlefront or The Evil Within perhaps? Let us know on Twitter, @BagoGames.

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