Whatcha’ Playing? Humpday Haikus – June 7, 2017

Well it’s humpday again and we at BagoGames just have to share in poetry what we are playing this week. With E3 right around the corner we have to get our gaming in before it starts, and these are a few of the titles we are working on right now.

Josh Nichols – Borderlands 2: The Handsome Jack Collection

(Borderlands 2 – 2K Games)

Handsome Jacks Land
Grab the guns and golden keys
Lets Save Pandora

Chris Newton – Plague Inc: Evolved


(Plague Inc: Evolved – Ndemic Creations)

It’s time to infect,
Take over the world and kill
Every last being

Ashley Schonberg – The Infectious Madness Of Doctor Dekker

(The Infectious Maddess of Dr. Dekker – D’Avekki Studios Ltd)

Doctor Dekker’s dead
His patients all seem insane
Don’t lose your mind, to

Fernando Da Costa – Secret of Mana

(Secret of Mana – SquareSoft)

Magical Sword of
Mana Cuts through the darkness
Bringing us to Peace

Zac LaRocque-Walker – Arms

(Arms – Nintendo)

Ducking and dodging
Twintelle’s hair lands a fierce blow
Just one champ remains

Alexx Aplin – Overwatch

(Overwatch – Blizzard)

A Year has Passed by
Yet Overwatch still keeps on
Will Year Two Still Thrive?

Chris Penwell – Tekken 7

(Tekken 7 – Namco Bandai)

It’s time to battle
Learning combos, taking names,
Now let’s bring the pain

Jerry Dobracki – Tales From The Borderlands


(Tales from the Borderlands – 2k Games)

Handsome Jack is wack
His AI is in your mind
Quit hitting yourself

That’s what we are leveling up through, what about you? What are you playing this week? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @BagoGames.

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