Whatcha’ Watchin’? Humpday Haiku’s 8-9-2017

Wonder Woman, Warner Bros.

Since we at BagoGames cannot defeat a game in a week like some folks, we’ve decided to switch haikus up a bit. Instead of  compiling a gaming one every week, we will now have a movie or television show week as well. This takes a bit of the stress off of playing since a movie can be completed in a much quicker fashion. Hope you like what we’re watching!

Jerry Dobracki – Death Wish (1974)

(Death Wish – Paramount)

Charles Bronson
Avenging his family
Got to kill them all

Alexx Alpin – Wonder Woman

(Wonder Woman – Warner Bros.)

Warrior of Truth
Daughter of Themiscyra
Fighting for the Weak

Chris Penwell – The Founder

(The Founder – The Weinstein Company)

Great performances
Not sure if it’s accurate,
But a well made film.

M. Charles Barnhart – Amelia 2.0

(Amelia 2.0 – TriCoast)

Neurons fire across
The brain as a circuit board.
What makes us human?

Chris Penwell – Table 19

(Table 19 – Fox Searchlight)

Was panned by critics
Funny, has soul, and charming,
It’s worth a viewing.

There you go, those are the movies that have been taking the controllers out of our hands and letting us veg out a little. What movies have you been enjoying this week?

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