Bagogames’s Most Anticipated Games of 2017

As the year draws closer to ‘Game of the Year’ discussions but not close enough, we look onto the future and discuss what we’re looking forward to playing the most in the coming year!

The future is often a landscape of concern, anxiety and fear. One where we step forward not because want to but because that’s of the flow of time. It can be terrifying to think about how our next step might be into a pit of engulfing heart-clutching darkness. We’re not even sure if there’s a floor down there to break one’s legs on…

…but video games are a source of endless joy and imagination. Even when we’re screaming at the screen in a frothing fury, it’s from a place of love. It also stirs excitement in us, making us beg to get our hands on what isn’t yet finished. A bit like a child pawing at the oven door at the unfinished bakery treats. Bagogames decided it was time to think about the tasty bakery treats that we’re looking forward to devouring next year-even though we promised we’d try to savor it!

For Honor, Ubisoft

For Honor, Ubisoft

For Honor – Christopher Cross

“I don’t know how much For Honor would be able to sustain as a franchise; but as a stand-alone game, it looks to offer a fun, tactical experience. Having played some of the multiplayer of Ubisoft’s knights-versus-samurais-versus-vikings game, I found myself enthralled by the way it brings the camaraderie of combat into its multiplayer component. Each type of fighter feels different and while I don’t think there will ever be a necessity to have one of each type of fighter on a team, it seems like experienced players will be able to eke out wins by their combatant decision.

The single player remains fairly under wraps at the moment, but the potential is there for Ubisoft to create a wildly imaginative campaign. It’s there that we’ll know whether For Honor is more than just a one-off game. My hope is that it maintains the different cultures present in the game, and utilize them to create a conflict that makes sense narratively. But we’ll have to wait until February to find out.”

Resident Evil 7, Capcom

Resident Evil 7, Capcom

Resident Evil 7 – Jerry Dobracki

I cut my teeth on the early Resident Evil games on my original PlayStation and fell in love with the Survival Horror genre. My favorite of all the Resident Evil games is Code Veronica with the fourth entry being a close second. The titles that came after were let downs as they became all spectacle and less horror. Revelations brought some of the horror back, but never really hit the high mark of the older tank control titles.

Resident Evil 7 looks like a throwback to the original horror roots and I simply cannot wait. From what I’ve seen of the trailer and gameplay this game looks like it’s going to scare the hell out of me like P.T. did in broad daylight. I want to be frightened again by atmosphere and not cheap jump scares or huge set pieces. The only thing that worries me is the fact that they may shoot too far away from the source material. I’m enjoying the Texas Chainsaw Massacre mood, but I know that I’ll miss Wesker and the T-virus should they not somehow work them into the story.

Lost Embers, Mooneye Studios

Lost Embers, Mooneye Studios

Lost Ember – Logan Schultz

There has been a buzz in the air surrounding Lost Ember since the trailer appeared earlier this year. In the age of digital storefronts and a plethora of indie projects, it can be difficult for a game to stand out above the crowd. But a moving blend of gorgeous visuals, beautiful music (from Rockstar North veterans), and the concept of controlling various animals in a post-apocalyptic world are what make Lost Ember a promising indie title of 2017.

We don’t know much about the gameplay at this point but what sells Lost Ember as a game to keep an eye on is the sense of world and atmosphere that the early videos and images have provided. The game, billed as “a storydriven 3rd person exploration adventure,” promises to take the idea of a walking simulator to the next level, where utilizing various animals unlocks new perspectives in the story of the world’s history.

As with all games (and games funded by Kickstarter in particular), there’s a chance that Lost Ember won’t make its 2017 release date, or that the project will look or play different than promised when finally released. However, if the game ends up with even half of the style and sense of self that the trailer promises, then we’re looking at playing something pretty special when the time comes.

Persona 5, Atlus

Persona 5, Atlus

Persona 5 – Kailan May

I typically do not pre-order games. The truth is I’m actually pretty tight on cash, so I often wait for the sales to roll in. However, an exception has to be given to Persona 5.

Persona 4: Golden was probably one of the first JRPGs I finished. While it had a clear Japanese mentality, it wasn’t grinding on me in the ways that a lot of JRPGs have done. This was especially true in how the narrative treated each cast member as a character study. Even with the supernatural nonsense and the “POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!” theme running through, it all felt delightfully grounded. Same with Persona 3, but I couldn’t finish it due to it kicking my teeth in.

Persona 5 feels like a safe bet for me though. For this reason, I’ve purposely avoided information about the game as I delight in exploring an unfamiliar title. Although I have noticed that the tone seems to have a darker edge than earlier iterations, which floats my macabre boat nicely if I do say so myself. If I had a point of fury, it is the lack of Vita release. Grinding can, well, grind on me so I try to do it in short chunks when I have 10 – 30 minutes free. A gameplay time space that I believe is not really suitable for consoles. Although it is a niggle in a title that I’m sure will be at least thought-provoking, if not immensely enjoyable.

Prey, Bethesda Softworks

Prey, Bethesda Softworks

Prey – Patrick Kennedy

I’ve been waiting a long time to see the sequel to one of my favorite corridors shooters that dates all the way back to 2006.

Okay so it’s more of a reboot and a dramatic change from what Prey 2 would have offered. I am sad to see Prey 2 will never come out but having the guys behind Dishonored in charge has me excited! This Bioshock inspired sci-fi horror outing looks freaky, plays like a surrealistic nightmare straight from the mind of David Cronenburg and allows you to transform yourself into a coffee mug.


From what I’ve read, I understand the name could be more for cosmetic branding as Bethesda owns the rights to it. The story seems to be quite distant from the original game but I hope I’m wrong. I want Arkane to deliver a few surprises and maybe bring back characters such as Tommy. Nonetheless, these guys are very talented and I would love to see their take on eye melting sci-fi horror and brain shredding physics gameplay.

Also, as long as they have mind bending combat and similar themes and set pieces from the original game, then I’ll be happy. That haunted school bus still gives me nightmares.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, Electronic Arts

Mass Effect: Andromeda, Electronic Arts

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Zac LaRocque-Walker

2017 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for games, with some great looking new franchises and some series getting new sequels. Mass Effect Andromeda (Spring 2017) is hands down the game I am looking forward to playing the most next year. When the first Mass Effect came out I did not have an Xbox 360 but my roommate did. Between the two of us we played that game so much the little radar got burnt onto our other roommate’s plasma TV. I ate up the world of Commander Shepard, and his whole crew aboard the Normandy. I even enjoyed the sometimes ridiculous banter between characters during loading screens er.. elevator rides.

When Mass Effect 2 came out, I plowed through the story as Vanguard Shepard, and his war against the Collectors. I missed roaming around on planets and fighting Thresher Maws, but did enjoy the more streamlined combat and the arguably better story. Mass Effect 2 totally hooked me in with even greater characters than the first game in my opinion. Then Mass Effect 3 came out and changed everything. I know people really hated the ending, but I was happy with it, and also happy to play through the extra content that Bioware had put out for it. For me Mass Effect has been what I always wanted out of Star Trek; the exploration and the relationships with alien species and crew members, but it just gets it right for me where Star Trek generally loses me.

Mass Effect Andromeda is still a blank slate for me for the most part and I’ll mostly try and keep it that way. I have no clue what Bioware has cooked up for Andromeda, but I am definitely all signed up and ready for adventure, whatever it may be.

Crash Bandcioot: N.Sane Trilogy, Activision

Crash Bandcioot: N.Sane Trilogy, Activision

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy – Josh Nichols

The game I’m most excited about in 2017 is Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy on the Playstation 4- and I don’t even own a PS4 yet.

It’s really easy for me to choose this as it’s the reason I’m getting a PS4. My wife and I always get a Sony system but we wait until a ways into the generation after there are a handful of games we want to play and also typically wait for that one big game that pulls us in. Last generation it was The Last of Us that finally pulled us in and this time it is absolutely the original Crash trilogy.

The original Crash games are some of my all-time favorite games. If I was forced to choose a favorite it’s definitely Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back because it perfected and added to the tight platforming and polished mechanics that the original entry created. Warped was great too but there were many more levels that relied on a vehicle or other gimmick. These are all great fun but what I love most about these games is the attention to detail, platforming, and unique music and levels strewn throughout the game–and that’s exactly what the second entry delivers on so well. I can’t wait for these games. When Sony announced them at E3 I, like many others, lost it. It was the highlight of E3 for me and I can’t wait to play them. I’m hoping this also leads Activision to understand that there is definitely still an audience for the Crash series–just an audience that will only buy high quality games that are given the proper time and love to be as wonderful as the series used to be.

What games are you looking forward to next year? Post in the comments below what title you can’t wait to boot up and play next year or let us know on our Twitter @Bagogames!

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