5 Games That Desperately Need Sequels


Remember those games you LOVED? Chances are there are a few in your list that haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time, and maybe you’d like them to have a sequel or a reboot? Here are some games that really, really need a good sequel to drop in the near future.

5. Legacy of Kain

In terms of classic gaming, Legacy of Kain doesn’t compete with the likes of Crash, Sonic or Spyro, but it does have its own hall of fame section. These games were graphically pleasing for the time with intuitive combat sequences and an intriguing universe, made only more intriguing with the constant shifting between spectral planes of reality. My personal favorite amongst the five releases was Soul Reaver, but a sequel to any of these games would be brilliant.

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Chances: Low — The last we heard in terms of a reboot/sequel was when Eidos stated in a forum “That’s a good series, we’re looking into it, can‘t say anything yet.” So an interest is there but the reception of Defiance makes a reboot tentative, at best. More here.


4. Star Wars Battlefront

It’s a well-known fact that the Star Wars Battlefront games were good, very good in fact. It brought the battles depicted in the movies to your living room, enabling players to control droids, clone troopers and of course Jedi. You could even pilot iconic machines and take the battles to the skies with space battles. Cumulatively the console games sold over 10 million copies, giving it quite the fan base. So I ask you, where is Battlefront 3?

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Chances: Low  Battlefront 3 was actually at a near-completion point of development when suddenly issues with deadlines and funding arose. In terms of advertising, its studio (Free Radical) later collapsed, and unfortunately SWB3 was canned. Crytek, the new owners, have not released any more information, however videos (such as the one below) still seem to surface every now and then. Maybe Disney will breathe new life into this classic series.


3. Quake

Quake was an admirable shooter back in the day. Quake 1 and 2 made for brilliant multiplayer action on the N64, and Quake 3 still stands alongside a dedicated online fan base. To put that into perspective, I get placed in more matches quicker with Quake 3 than I do in Crysis 2. That being said, Quake 4 was a total let down and ultimately should have been a sequel to 3. From that, a Quake 5: Arena would be an amazing sequel and an addition to the FPS genre, kind of like that band from your childhood reforming for one last tour.

Chances: High — Rage producer and Id Software employee Jason Kim stated in an interview that after Rage 2 and Doom 4 they will look at a Quake installment if the demand and desire is there (which it is!). If people are wondering, he also mentioned Wolfenstein in the same context, also post Rage and Doom sequels.

2. Fallout

Just Google Fallout 4 and you get thread after thread of hungry gamers seeking their next dose of apocalyptic role-playing, and I’m one of them. Fallout 3 is probably my favorite game ever and New Vegas isn’t far behind, so a sequel to these would be amazing. Skyrim was a great development and the potential of a graphically advanced Fallout game is too exciting. Bethesda could do far worse than appeasing a legion of fans with the announcement of another Fallout game.

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Chances: Very High — Executive producer Todd Howard and a team have been rumored to have been spotted scouting Boston on research trips, and there have been many instances of Fallout lore that concern Boston.  The voice actor for the character “Three Dog” Erik Todd Dellums, has announced on his Twitter feed that he’ll be making a return to voicing that character, solidifying claims for a Fallout 4. Either way, it better hurry up.


1. TimeSplitters

This game, oh THIS GAME! So many nights at my friends place with a few beers playing death matches on TimeSplitters. Addictive and simple multiplayer with humorous characters, crazy weaponry and enjoyable game modes coupled with a gripping single-player campaign that spanned multiple environments. The map-making system made multiplayer games with friends even more entertaining and unique, as did the later inclusion of monkeys as both enemies and playable characters. TimeSplitters got pretty much everything right in terms of being a great game and it still stands tall in my top 10 games of all time. That said, we’ve not had a dose of TimeSplitters since the release of Future Perfect way back in 2005. I think it’s about time we started jumping through interdimensional rifts in time again, don’t you?

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Chances: Near certain — After the fall of Free Radical and its subsequent purchase by Crytek little has been leaked about this game. The facts are that it was in development for around a year then put officially on hold by Crytek until “Demand for such a game arose”. It was confirmed in 2011 that Crytek is indeed working on a TimeSplitters game due for next-gen consoles. Expect a new installment on your PS4/ Xbox 720 that harnesses the power of CryEngine 3 within the next year or two.

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Any sequels you want to see the light of day? Let us know in the comment section below.

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