5 Great Titles for The Gaming Couple

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In many relationship dynamics involving a gamer, it’s normally not a shared interest. Even if it is, you often find the other person not particularly enamored by the prospect of watching you play through a single-player first person shooter. Gaming with your other half can actually be brilliant fun. All it takes is the right title that’ll get you both involved in some healthy competition or some serious teamwork.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

When it comes to convincing someone to game, it’s best to expose them to something that’s easy to get their teeth into, and there’s nothing better than Smash Bros. With basic, accessible controls and a very visual experience, it can be enjoyable for even the most unfamiliar with gaming. Private brawls can be set up as practice sessions and the story mode can be played cooperatively, giving you both a chance to combine button-mashing skills. It also plays host to many iconic and therefore familiar characters that both members of the couple can easily identify with.

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Although you probably haven’t heard of this quaint game, you really should give it a look. Developed by Hand Circus and available now on PSN, Okabu is a warm and vibrant game that (although it appears childish at first) is heaps of fun. Each player takes on the role of an adorable Cloud Whale, and you then work cooperatively to save the land of Okabu from the evil Doza. The game is a very unique experience with a toy box styled world filled with rather challenging puzzles that will definitely test the patience you have with each other as a couple. This game will genuinely touch hearts and test minds all whilst encouraging serious teamwork and delivering a really enjoyable experience. Watch the gameplay trailer below to see what I’m on about and be sure to check out the developer page here.

Call of Duty

Now stick with me here. In many circumstances it’s the woman in the relationship that requires the convincing to play games, not all of course, but many. Call of Duty would obviously not be high on your list of games to encourage her to play considering how many young relationships it’s been known to test. I’m going to tell you differently though. Call of Duty is a game that’s easy to pick up thanks to its relatively repetitive structure, but it’s also dynamic enough to not get boring. Most of them have some form of cooperative gameplay mode. You might be surprised at how down your other half is to see all the fuss about this ‘COD’ game. I’d advise a later installment in the franchise like Black Ops as you then also have Zombie Mode to play together.

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Crash Bandicoot

This series is a classic set of titles that never seem to get old. Basic graphics with basic gameplay makes for a chill, easy gaming session that’s still a ridiculous amount of fun. Even though most of them don’t have any multiplayer or co-op modes, you can still play them as a couple. With a Crash Bandicoot game you do die often (well I certainly do anyway) so you can maintain a “one life = one turn” policy instead of playing cooperatively. Not only does this mean you both get a go, but it also means the less experienced partner will put in extra effort to have a longer turn. Best bet is to go with the original or Wrath of Cortex as they’re indisputably the finer installments. Both are also available on PSN for people who don’t own a PS1.

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Last but not least is the mighty PlayStation game, LittleBigPlanet. Whilst maintaining a stunning and immersive single player mode, both installments of the LBP game are huge amounts of fun with a co-op player, ideal for the gaming couple. Teamwork is crucial to solving the tricky puzzles and you can even work together to design your own perfect world that you can then play in. Certain areas aren’t even accessible without another player. The Sack Persons can be completely customized giving each member of the relationship a character that reflects his/her personality. This makes gameplay much more of a personal experience for both of you. The game itself is incredibly unique and offers access points for anyone with the aptitude to wield a Dualshock. Trust me, stick this game on and enjoy many hours of cooperative gaming together.

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 These are just a few of the many titles that the gaming couple can easily pick up and get into. It obviously depends on both of your tastes and interests, but by a rule of thumb, if you can play it together then it’s a winner. (If all goes well, check out our article on converting the non-gamer so you can count on your gal or guy to keep playing with you!)

Please feel free to share any of your personal favorites to play with your other half in the comment section below.

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