5 Nintendo Franchises We Need On The Switch

We hadn’t seen a popular Bomberman game in quite some time. However it does look like the Switch’s incarnation is blowing the lid off of expectations… since there really weren’t any. It is nice to Konami digging deep and breathing fresh life into an old franchise. Nintendo needs to do the same thing to some of its forgotten franchises. Some of these titles haven’t been seen since the GameCube era–or even earlier than that! Nintendo needs to change that and give gamers more and more reasons to get their hands on a Switch. The Zelda honeymoon will be great but it won’t last too forever.

5) Duck Hunt

(Duck Hunt - Nintendo)

(Duck Hunt – Nintendo)

A Duck Hunt revival would have probably worked the best on the Wii with its focus being on motion controls. Just look at how amazing Punch Out was on the Wii; I remember going to bed sore from punching so much! I think Duck Hunt would have been just as amazing. Since it would be difficult to make a full fledged game out of Duck Hunt, adding in a nice Hogan’s Alley remake would have made this a great game for Wii owners. The Wii U really didn’t embrace the motion controls, just look at the mistake Star Fox 0. However, with the HD rumble and enhanced motion sensing some motion based games must be ready for a comeback. Nintendo already has guns in mind with some of their “quick-draw” mini games so I don’t see why they can’t develop a single and co-op Duck Hunt. This could be bigger than Cabela’s Big Game Hunt and you can take it on the go with you! There’s nothing like shooting ducks while on the subway!

4) WarioWare

(Warioware Inc. - Nintendo)

(Warioware Inc. – Nintendo)

I love these weird little spin off games from Nintendo. I was sad to see that the Wii U never got a full blown game like Smooth Moves for the Wii, so I’m hoping the Switch will be lucky. There was Game & Wario which was nice but it wasn’t quite the same! What is neat about the Warioware series is that it consists of short games based on skill–and you have no idea what to do! You’re given a small task and must complete it before you fail or before time runs out. Being on your toes for these games is an understatement and adding co-op with the duel screens could only make the next installment of Warioware that much more interesting. I would love to compete with my gaming buddies on these quick thinking mini games and show them who is the boss.

3) Animal Crossing

(Animal Crossing - Nintendo)

(Animal Crossing – Nintendo)

The last Animal Crossing game for the Wii U really didn’t grab my attention like its previous incarnations on the GameCube and the 3DS. With the portability of the Switch, I think that a lot can be done while you visit your friend’s town while in the same room. If Nintendo really nailed it down they could take the info from Niantic and have the players both leave their towns and go on a mini adventure. I know that there is no phone service for the Switch, but there is enough Wi-Fi in the city to have this little mechanic work. For example, maybe you could go to your local library and the game will register it as a museum where you and your buddy can dig for fossils. The possibilities are endless! I would love to grab a friend and wander around with my Animal Crossing avatar in tow and find new fruits, fish and treasure. It sure beats just sitting at home and visiting a buddy’s town. If Nintendo does do this though, it would be great if they left out the home design features. Just a helpful tidbit of information free of charge, Nintendo!

2) F-Zero

(F-Zero - Nintendo)

(F-Zero – Nintendo)

Now I have never been one for racing games; for some reason I can never get the proper acceleration to turn ratio and I always end up crashing into the wall. The only two racing games I’ve ever been successful in were released on the Super Nintendo. That’s right! Super Mario Kart and F-Zero were my racing games of choice. With a re-release of the latest Mario Kart coming to the Switch, adopters of the Wii U need a new racing game to quench that thirst and I propose a new F-Zero. Of course there would be a single player mode where you try to be champion of all the A.I. racers, but I think the multiplayer would be the main and lasting appeal. Both couch and online multiplayer would be great for F-Zero. Nintendo should stay away from split-screen on this title. When playing co-op the main screen should be the racers, that way there is no cheating. Also, you won’t have to squint or lose that feeling of speed when playing your friends.

1) Metroid

(Metroid Prime - Nintendo)

(Metroid Prime – Nintendo)

So many Metroid fans are just filled with salt right now and with good reason too. From the failed Metroid: Other M and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, things haven’t been looking too good for our girl Samus. Metroid Prime was a feat of beauty when it was released on the GameCube and I’ve been lucky enough to play the Trilogy on my Wii. I’ve also enjoyed my time playing Super Metroid on my Wii and actually hope that Nintendo will make another 2D platformer in that vein. I did enjoy Prime, but I’m starting to get burnt out on first-person shooters and want some variety in my games. Look at what Capcom is doing for the Switch. They are releasing an old school Street Fighter game with a few changes and updates. That makes me think of my time in the arcades when Street Fighter 2 was released and of course makes me pretty excited. It also introduces a younger generation to retro gaming goodness. The only problem with Capcom’s release on the Switch is the fact that I read there was no online play. I’m glad Capcom is shooting for more couch co-op but online would really sell that game. I digress, but what I’m trying to say is that a 2D Metroid would be more than welcomed with open arms from a majority of Nintendo’s lifelong fans. I’d probably buy a Switch just for that game.

Did I miss any of your favorite franchises or am I just dead wrong? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @SuperJerry13. You can also follow me on Twitter and see what I’m playing for fun or some of my thoughts on what I’m in the middle reviewing.

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