A Look at the Future of Browser-Based Games

Let’s take a break from the latest and greatest of PC and console gaming to talk about something a little different: browser-based games. We used to love browser-based games for their simplicity and ease of access. Games such as Zinga’s Poker and Farmville started life as browser-based games before they crossed over to mobile platforms.

While we may not hear – or see – a lot of things from this genre of gaming, there are actually a lot of interesting developments from some of the best web-based games. The future looks bright for companies who are still focusing on catering to online users and 2017 will be a particularly good year for several reasons.

Better Platform = Better Games

The technology behind browser-based games has evolved these past couple of years. Developers are shying away from Adobe Flash for obvious reasons. Aside from the security concerns and the lack of updates, browsers are beginning to pull away from supporting Flash-based animations. In fact, the latest Google Chrome 56 will block Flash entirely.

On the other hand, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript have advanced so much. It is now possible to create a fully interactive canvas using these three programming languages. The canvas is much lighter, requiring less bandwidth and computer resources to run. Pair this with multiple frameworks that can seamlessly integrate the web with offline features (i.e. access to smartphone cameras or computer’s resources with user’s permission) and the future looks bright.

We are already seeing some great titles being introduced as we enter 2017. We’re seeing titles like Cut The Rope transitioning to the web platform; this game started as a very popular iOS game, but can now be played using any standard browser.

More Games to Choose From

The gambling industry is perhaps the one taking full advantage of these new technologies. Some of the best new online slots are simply remarkable. Not only will you get great animations and interactive elements when playing them, you also get more variations and a truly fluid user experience. In fact, most of today’s best online gaming platforms are built for maximum user experience.

On the other side of the equation, we have massively complicated online multiplayer games that can be played using any standard browser. Notable titles such as League of Angels and Darkorbit Reloaded are more than just simple text-based games. They are fully animated and real-time, allowing players from different parts of the world to be fully immersed in the browser-based gaming experience.

What’s Next?


I’ve mentioned how 2017 will be a particularly exciting year for fans of browser-based games. This is because there will be a lot of genres making a comeback to this platform. Horror-adventure games – similar to the awesome Resident Evil 7 we just reviewed – will start appearing as early as Q1 2017, while more MMORPG games are scheduled to attract players not long after.

There is still a big market for browser-based games. It will be interesting to see how popular the latest titles in this platform become when they are released.

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