A Plus Point of Losing Your Smartphone

It’s pretty amazing to think how much we have come to rely on our mobile devices, especially our smartphones, and this fact becomes blatantly apparent if we lose or break them.

When this happened to me (I left it in a taxi never to be seen again) I began to think about how much my mobile is a part of me.  I do my banking via my smartphone, keep in contact with practically everyone I know, and play on my favorite online casino games to the extent of reading about the latest roulette strategy and poker strategies in an attempt to become even more proficient.

Luckily it was not long before I had my bright new sparkly phone, but for me no time at all was still too long to wait.

However, there was one plus point about being without my phone was that I browsed the apps and found some brilliantly addictive ‘Old School’ games that are available to your smartphone right now. Nostalgia is a great feeling and if you fancy having a good dose of it try a few mentioned on the list below.

Retro On the Go

These classics of old might be basic button bashers but can prove to be as addictive as some of the more impressive graphics heavy games.

  • Hands up who never owned a Nokia? Snake was one of those games that became totally addictive in no time at all as we battled not to eat our own tails. If you don’t want to buy a new Nokia brick you can download the simulator for your own smartphone. The game even comes with a choice of Nokia phone backgrounds for even more realism taking you back to the 90’s.
  • In the late 70’s the name of the game was Space Invaders and the mobile version is as close as you are going to get with an on screen fire button and three options for controlling the laser.
  • Sonic the icon hedgehog has a host of titles to tantalize you. The original game is available with its side scrolling design being faster. Other updates include a remastered soundtrack, an eighth special stage, and a revamped version of the lost beta level Hidden Palace Zone.
  • For lovers of the match three games, Puzzle Bobble with its classic dinosaur mascot is the game for you. With some new modes and features like boss levels this game is as addictive as it always was.
  • For many PacMan was the ultimate game, in fact it was the highest grossing game of all time, so it would have been a crying shame if it was not shared with the younger generation too. PacMan boasts the original 1980’s maze, but it also includes another 9 mazes. With swipe control and a joystick to avoid ghosts and munch away on those power pellets, PacMan plays in much the same way as its older relative.

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