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Ace Attorney Anime Episode 12 Review

(Ace Attorney Anime, A-1 Pictures)
(Ace Attorney Anime, A-1 Pictures)

Turnabout Goodbyes Last Trial has wrapped up in a neat package despite its rocky and doubtful journey. A few questions are left over yet keeps the audience engaged and waiting for the next chapter of Phoenix’s career. Episode 12 must be the most emotional part of the Ace Attorney anime since the opening. Miles learns the truth of the DL-6 Indecent and his father (a once celebrated defense attorney) may now rest in peace. Even Maya’s mother (who was the spirit medium assigned to the original murder case of Gregory Edgeworth’s death) may rest knowing the truth. Overall this episode was more through and through, but the few issues it has lingers like a faint bad aftertaste.

Ace Attorney Anime / A-1 Pictures

(Ace Attorney Anime, A-1 Pictures)

When the world looked its darkest for Miles (as he was sinking into accepting the presented suggestion that he accidentally killed his father until Phoenix knocks that notion away) Phoenix calmly and firmly explains he plans on showing his old friend his own innocence. All too soon this brief moment of true friendship is brushed aside too quickly move onto the next scene. The story arcs would benefit from having a full hour slot for story arc endings. This ending packed in emotions, truths and childhood history into a fast-paced 24 minute show.

Another scene that was cut off was the taser scene with Maya after she sneaks into the prosecutor’s office. The audience is only given a glimpse of Maya on the office floor and a hand holding the taser which then picks up a piece of evidence. More is shown in the original story of the game and the anime feels slightly empty during moments like this one. Maya always seems to have her moments of fame cut short because during the trial she mentions her mother’s failure wasn’t due to her lack of spiritual power. It was all because Gregory Edgeworth died believing his son accidentally shot him and didn’t want that truth to be told. A few more lines would have made Maya’s own personal story feel whole.

Ace Attorney Anime / A-1 Pictures

(Ace Attorney Anime, A-1 Pictures)

Aside from the disappointing scenes, a really fun part to see in this episode was Larry’s impersonation of Miles. He uses only Miles’ suit jacket to try and buy time for Miles and Maya to sneak into von Karma’s office. Larry was given enough time to perform without the routine growing stale. It was a treat to see Ace Attorney focus on its silly side after following along with Turnabout Goodbyes. The humor extended to von Karma’s transformation from a sturdy villain to a hunched old man relying upon a cane. Obviously this quick drastic change is to symbolize his broken winning streak, but with clever direction the villain has become defeated in an hilarious way.

Ace Attorney Anime / A-1 Pictures

(Ace Attorney Anime, A-1 Pictures)

This anime adaptation is still somewhat disappointing. Little scenes, memories and alterations from the original game storyline is omitted which leaves the anime with a few holes. Plus, the choice to not include extra flashbacks and background stories leaves the characterization rather weak for an anime. There are many anime series that have well-rounded stories with multiple layers that explains more about the story’s universe. Ace Attorney continuously feels more like cut-scenes from the game than a stand-alone show. Just as Phoenix and Maya won’t give up, the audience can only hope that with the new story arc comes improvement.

You can follow along with this review series by watching Ace Attorney through Crunchyroll.

Ace Attorney Episode 12

Ace Attorney Episode 12




    • Ending of this story arc mostly wraps up well
    • Extra comedy from Larry
    • Story arc ends with hope


    • Story still feels empty
    • Adaptation is weak as an anime

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