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Ace Attorney Ep 16 Reunion and Turnabout 3rd Trial Review

(Ace Attorney Anime, Crunchyroll)

Maya is still under suspicion and arrest while Phoenix and Pearl are working towards digging up the truth behind the murder of Dr. Grey. Ace Attorney Reunion and Turnabout 3rd Trial exhibits mostly Pearl and Phoenix working together to prove Maya’s innocence. Pearl is a little child who is observant, bright and wholly innocent in nature. She admires her cousin Maya and looks to her as the true head of the Kurain School of Channeling. Pearl seems vastly different from her mother Morgan Few who appears to have played a part in the incident. This episode focuses mostly on Pearl yet it still lacks a complete insight into this character.

Ace Attorney Anime / Crunchyroll

Ace Attorney Anime / Crunchyroll

The flashback to Pearl playing outside during the channeling will no doubt become a vital part of Phoenix’s hunt for the truth. It was little Pearl who discovered the Channeling Room’s only key in the incinerator while she was playing in the courtyard. Since the writers have decided to devote most of this episode to her, it would have been great if the audience learned more about Maya and Pearl’s upbringing. Precious little is known about the Kurain family aside from them residing in the countryside at a Channeling School. This was a prime time to jump into the past and reveal the cousins’ background. Instead the studio who crafted this anime, A-1 Pictures, decided to simply use the same storylines from Capcom’s games.

Ace Attorney Anime / Crunchyroll

Ace Attorney Anime / Crunchyroll

Capcom’s Ace Attorney games are known for the mysteries, beloved characters and a mix of dramatic and funny moments. Some jokes come through humorously and relieve the tension within the anime for just a bit. However, the sad undertone to this entire Reunion and Turnabout story arc of the Kurain family is always up front. The anime’s writers play upon the viewers’ sympathy beautifully to invoke emotional investment to the storyline. Maya’s family is falling apart. With both her mother and older sister gone, she is left as the head of her family’s channeling school. Phoenix serves as a bright spot in the young spirit medium’s life. With her abilities to channel those who have passes on and his persistence to discover the truth, these two make a great pair. Pearl looks on this relationship as a romantic one and often cheers them on with her adorable charms. Many times, viewers will find themselves cheering alongside Pearl and hoping for love to blossom.

Ace Attorney Anime / Crunchyroll

Ace Attorney Anime / Crunchyroll

Ace Attorney’s characters have personalities that range from static to dynamic. A few people introduced along the stories have changed as much as Lotta. Lotta’s character is slowly transitioning from the nosy photographer looking for the latest scoop to a remorseful friend who wants to make amends. While Pearl’s own mother leaves her to “offer” information to the police regarding the murder, it is Lotta who volunteers to care for the young girl. This was only expressed through very minimal lines, and the scene should have been extended to show Pearl interacting with Lotta. It would have been a perfect opportunity for the audience to experience Pearl’s flashbacks of her childhood growing up at the Kurain school aiding in the overall understanding of Maya’s family.  In spite of the lack of exploring the Reunion and Turnabout story arc, the anime is enjoyable to watch. One thing the anime’s staff has in their favor is being faithful to the games. After sixteen episodes viewer’s can not help but still wait  for the delicious brief moments of character insight.

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Ace Attorney Anime Ep 16

Ace Attorney Anime Ep 16




    • Episode Focuses Consistantly on Pearl
    • Mystery Elements Are Well Written


    • Lacks Insight to the Kurain School
    • Script Continues to Cover Games' Basic Storyline

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