Age of the Mobile

I was at my favorite restaurant the other night and checking out the other diners as you do.  There were fifteen diners, one group of four, the rest couples, and me the lone diner.

It occurred to me what did we do before smartphones? Over half of the diners there were using their phones, some of the couples actually ignoring each other in order to text with someone perhaps over the other side of the world.

This got me thinking.

I use my mobile for many many reasons.  I use it like most do to keep in touch with the social media sites I am on and to keep in touch with family and friends. It was highly possible a picture of my meal would end up on Facebook that evening.

I also love to play at online casinos and I am a great one for getting something for nothing on these sites. I particularly fond of no deposit slots that give me a chance of winning without spending any of my own hard earned cash that I could be using for meals out!

I also use my phone for more serious tasks like banking, but generally it is for entertainment, and I include paying for goods and services in the entertainment bracket!

I am a great games player, it’s in my blood and I’m often found playing one game or another whilst waiting for a service (my meal), and below is a list of a few of the games I have tried and would recommend.

Slither.io is free and a new take on Snake the classic game that came as standard with Nokia, and in fact is still available on the new Nokia Brick. Slither.io works in much the same way but instead of having any walls you dodge other players to increase in length.  A highly addictive game for both adults and children.


Never have we seen so many people in the real world glued to their mobile phones ready to capture their Pokemon wherever they pop up. One of the most sensational mobile games to hit our smartphones, Pokemon Go is testament to the power of the mobile.


Fallout Shelter is free and those that love Fallout will also fall in love with this game. You are in control over you very own Vault, as well as those who live in it, and your job is simple. Keep your residents happy, protected and well fed. It’s all up to you to make sure it all runs smoothly. Are your up for it?


For cuteness overload try Alphabear, which is free on Google Play store. This game is not only about cute bears but its also educational. The longer the world spelled correctly the bigger the bear that appears on your screen.


For The Walking Dead fans TellTale’s Walking Dead series should not be missed. It works well as an RPG and focuses more on the original comic books rather than the blockbuster TV series. You have to make some hard choices and survival is up to you.

Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Telltale Games

As you can see smartphones aren’t all that bad and sometimes they help us fill the time when we’re waiting on things (like food).

You ever feel like smartphones are taking over our lives in a bad way or do you think they play a productive role in our lives?

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