The American Dream – PAX East 2017 Hands on Preview

What if all our problems would be solved with guns? I’m not talking about confrontations and personal safety, I mean literally ALL our problems, like knocking on doors, making bagels, or feeding babies, just to name a few. Australian development team Samurai Punk explore this idea with their upcoming tongue-in-cheek VR title, The American Dream.

Set in a 1950s World’s Fair amusement ride created by an over-enthusiastic gun manufacturer, The American Dream shows you how guns are not only an important part of American culture, they are essential in all aspects of life. Using only two pistols, the game asks players to complete the most absurdly mundane tasks via firearm.

I literally began my 10 minute demo as an infant in a crib, using baby’s first guns to interact with my mother. The American Dream controls very precisely for a VR title, even allowing me to improve my aim by carefully looking down the sites of each pistol. As someone who’s very sensitive to motion sickness, I was happy to find that I never once felt remotely queasy during my time with the game.

The American Dream is slated for simultaneous release on all 3 major VR platforms by the end of the year for approximately $20 – $30. For more information on the inspiration for the satire, it’s amazingly badass reloading system and the possible blowback over the game’s lighthearted take on guns, check out our interview, recorded LIVE on the show floor with Winston Tang, Co-Founder of Samurai Punk.

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