ARMS Launches on June 16 With Lots of Customization

ARMS was announced alongside the Nintendo Switch and stood out immediately as an interesting experience. Well, now it is within arm’s reach as the game will be launching on June 16th, 2017, according to today’s Nintendo Direct which centered mainly on ARMS and Splatoon 2. A gameplay demo was also shown as well as more information pertaining to the game. You can watch the ARMS section of the Nintendo Direct above.

Min Min - ARMS

(ARMS, Nintendo)

One of the coolest announcements came with the introduction of a new fighter – Min Min (pictured above). She has arms that are made of Ramen noodles, with her left arm being able to be turned into a dragon. The “Ramen Bomber”, as BIFF – the ARMS commentator – called her, is able to not only punch opponents but also throw them. Plus, she can deflect punches by kicking the punches. While many different fighters were announced very quickly, she was shown in a gameplay video that had her face off against Spring Man. Min Min looks like a neat addition to the game’s roster, and is more evidence of the game’s unique flavor.


(ARMS, Nintendo)

Spring Man was also fleshed out more before the fight against Min Min. He has a perma-charge ability that kicks in when his health drops below 25%, providing a neat risk/reward system for fighters willing to take a chance. The more he bounces back from that low-health state, the stronger he will become which also provides a little bit of desperation to the opposing fighter to ensure that Spring Man doesn’t spring back into action and gain the upper hand. The other neat trick he has is that he can emit a wave that deflects punches.

(ARMS, Nintendo)

(ARMS, Nintendo)

Another neat tidbit was that the game would feature customizable ARMS for each fighter. Each ARM will have its own special attribute, such as ice that could freeze an opponent. You’ll be able to buy ARMS by using an in-game currency, as well as the ability to purchase new fighters. The ability to customize your different ARMS means that you’ll be able to combine three different elements together – your two arms and the special attribute for your fighter. Plus, each ARM is a different type. For example, there are the traditional glove types, but also multi-shot types, heavy types, whip types, and curve types. This will definitely provide longevity to the game, and offers exciting possibilities for those who want to delve deep into the game’s systems.

Players who don’t just want to go against fighters one-on-one will also have another new mode to be excited about. That’s right, a 2-on-2 mode will exist, providing more hectic matches for those ready to handle the chaos. That’s a lot of ARMS.


(Nintendo Switch, Nintendo)

Alongside the announcement that ARMS would be released on June 16th, was also the news that a new Neon Yellow Joy-Con would also be released. There will also be a Neon Yellow strap to go with your new Joy-Con. It will launch on the same day as the game. For a Nintendo Direct that actually featured quite a bit of headlines, that was still a lot of news to pack in about ARMS. Are you looking forward to picking up the game when it launches a little over two months from now? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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