Attack on Titan Season 3 Promo Video Revealed

Attack on Titan has stolen the hearts of anime otaku and non-anime fans for the past few years. The dark nature of a world ruled by strange laws of “nature” and the strong-willed characters have drawn in millions of followers. After waiting for a second season of the anime adaption, the final result has rendered even more publicity and love than the first season. Now we are given the announcement of a third season being released sometime in 2018. The Attack on Titan Season 3 promo video has a slight bit of spoilers for those who are not caught up with the manga.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Promo / FUNimation

FUNimation has posted on their YouTube channel a video that offers a glimpse of what the third season will dive into. A few select characters will be returning with the addition of new ones. So far the anime adaptation is following along with the current running manga series. It only seems probable that the third season will also be heavily based on the latest volumes of the manga series. The anime is several volumes behind the published manga yet it only gives fans more reason to anticipate an epic season. This promo shows off full-color artwork from the manga that slightly gives viewers a spoiler of what will occur in the upcoming episodes. Since it is not a trailer of animation and the video lacks details aside from the artwork, it seems safe for every interested person to watch. Yet if you completely want to be surprised, I suggest waiting until the episodes begin streaming in 2018.

Source: FUNimation YouTube Channel

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