It’s Up, Up, and Away With a Justice League Movie

It it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a real Justice League film and it’s soaring into a theater near you.

The super powered headliner came courtesy of Warner Bros. president of worldwide production Greg Silverman in a formal announcement of a film adaptation of the classic DC Comics superhero team.

At the helm of the “Justice League” movie is none other than The Man of Steel‘s very own Zack Snyder. Current Superman star Henry Cavill is expected to return as Superman, as well as Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, the Justice League’s new Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively, in 2016’s “Man of Steel” sequel tentatively (and still) dubbed “Batman vs. Superman.”

” ‘Superman vs Batman‘ will lead into ‘Justice League,’ ” Mr. Silverman declared as an “expansion of this universe.”

Director Zak Snyder’s presently titled “Superman Vs. Batman” comes to theaters 2016 as a prelude of sorts to the now upcoming “Justice League” film.

A script remains very much in the works according to Warner Bros., and while it’s far from finished, the studio seems to be set on releasing it at least by the end of the decade. Mention of any other super friends for the film was noticeably absent, though it’s recently been reported that stage actor Ray Fisher has been cast as Justice Leaguer Victor Stone, a.k.a Cyborg, a half-robotic hero expected to nab at least a cameo in “Batman vs. Superman” and maybe springboard a starring role in “Justice League” onwards. Notable team members such as The Flash, Aquaman, the Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter also remain absent from the movie’s JLA roster for the time being.

Of further interest is the long demanded “Wonder Woman” film, to which Warner executives seem to be open to. Warner president of worldwide marketing Sue Kroll teased that the Amazonian warrior princess’ film could be an idea whose time has come:

“That is our hope. With the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her.”

This latest Justice League project follows years of attempts at jumpstarting a Justice League big-screen adventure. The dream had formerly tried to find a place with Mad Max director George Miller’s canceled “Justice League” 2008 film, starring little known actor D.J. Contra as Superman and Lone Ranger lead Armie Hammer as Batman. The film’s cast would’ve also featured Adam Brody (The O.C.) as Barry Allen’s Flash, rapper Common (Hell on Wheels) as John Stewart, and Hugh Keays-Bryne (Mad Max: Fury Road) as The Martian Manhunter, model Megan Gale as Wonderwoman, and Santiago Cabrera (Merlin) as Aquaman. The movie was quickly approaching production prior to Warner’s pulling the plug last minute.

Justice League

The project further comes hot off director Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster “Dark Knight” trilogy, one that’s been an outrageous success above and beyond Warner’s other ill-fated box office efforts like “Green Lantern” and “Jonah Hex.” For now, Warner Bros. boasts several other in-development comic book projects under its banner beyond Superman and Batman’s realms, Mr. Silverman and Toby Emmerich, president of Warner’s New Line Cinema label confirmed. Such beauties as “Shazam,” “Metal Men,” “100 Bullets,” and “Fables” are also reportedly being worked on behind the scenes.

The project is undoubtedly enormous news in a cinema dominated by the Marvel brand. As “Superman Vs. Batman” is slated to do battle it out against “Captain America 3″ in summer of ’16, Warner has their work more than cut out for them going head to head with a brand new team of their own.

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Sources: The Wall Street Journal via

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