The Bago Show Episode 1 – Our E3 2017 Predictions

(Photo of E3 2016 from the Entertainment Software Association)

It’s getting close to the most wonderful time of the year for gamers. Announcements galore will be made at E3 2017 for the biggest gaming titles. Chris Penwell, Eleni, and Ethan give their predictions about what they think will be shown at the event. Christopher Cross also talks about upcoming movies for this week and Eleni dives into the latest anime news.

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Our Hosts:

Chris Penwell: https://twitter.com/PenwellWrites
Ethan: https://twitter.com/BucklesSupreme
Eleni: https://twitter.com/FaeMagnolia
Christopher Cross: https://twitter.com/HammerkopCross

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Music Used:

What? by Jahzzar


March Madness by Jahzzar


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Image from Electronic Software Association

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