Baron Haussmann CryEngine 0.5.0 Tech Demo Impressions

CryEngine used to produce some of the worlds “best” looking video games to date, now I put best in quotes because it is used as a subjective term and can mean different things to different people. Without a shadow of a doubt this playable demo created by Synce, an intern developer who works with the CryEngine, is by far one of the best looking demos/games I have ever seen.

Obviously, you have to realize that the demo is just that a demo, a demo of some newly designed technology called SVOTI which stands for Sparse Voxel Octree Total Illumination… granted I have no idea what this means but it sounds cool. Synce states, “This system can achieve high quality global illumination in real time” which means that the lighting within the seen acts more realistically within the playable world.

To install this demo simply go to the CryEngine community page and read the instructions.

“-Extract the .rar
-Go into the Bin64 folder and launch BaronHaussmann.exe
-Enjoy the visit
-Press TAB for more options
If it is the first time you use Cryengine, make sure you installed the redistributable package and DirectX.”

You can also play around with some cool options such as.

“[TAB] Hide/Unhide options
[1] GI is disabled
[2] Diffuse GI mode with 1 bounce. A complete lighting voxel based mode replace the default lighting of the engine. This mode is a bit more expensive but offers a great visual quality. Speculars are done with cubemaps.
[3] Diffuse GI mode with 2 bounces. This is currently the default lighting mode of the demo. Is expensive but offers the best quality.
[4] Full GI mode, diffuse and specular. Disabled for the moment. Could be reactivate in a future release.

[Right clic] and [Left clic] to change the time of day
[Middle clic] Reset the time of day to 13.00
[E] Zoom”

These settings allow the player to really experience this new tech with everything it offers, not going to pretend that I know what half of the options do but it is cool to have a little fiddle around. If you don’t want to download it you can watch my video impressions on the tech used above.

It will be cool to see how this new SVOTI tech makes it’s way into CryEngine based games. What do you guys think?

Source: CryEngine Community

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