Beauty and the Beast Live-Action Film’s Official Trailer Revealed

Christmas and snow is on its way and so is the Beauty and the Beast live-action film… although not too soon!

This tale as old as time won’t be debuting until March 17, 2017. Yet, the first official trailer has been released and it really does reveal quite a bit about this movie. A plausible argument can be made that the full trailer shows too much since it contains so many of the iconic lines and characters. A MAJOR spoiler is sadly already out because the Beast’s physical appearance is shown throughout. There seems to be little left to the imagination but there is still supposed to be a new twist incorporated into this classic fairy tale.

The beautiful ballroom scene, Mrs. Potts and Chip along with the romantic Lumiere and pessimistic Clogsworth all can be seen in the above video. Emma Watson who plays Belle is shown in multiple costumes ranging from the blue and white “peasant” dress to her brilliant golden ball gown with a few costumes in between. Based on this trailer, at some point in the film’s story she will be locked away in a tower either by the Beast played by Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens or possibly the infamous Gaston played by Luke Evans.

Although it seems almost impossible to wait for the film’s release, Disney fans can at least re-watch the original animated Beauty and the Beast movie over the holiday season with the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray edition.

Source: Disney Movie Trailers YouTube Page

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