Berserk Will Stream Through Crunchyroll This Summer

Crunchyroll announced that they will stream the new series of Berserk this Summer and will be giving the date/ times and territories out at a later date.

Berserk began as a dark-fantasy manga written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura back in the late 1980s. The setting for the story is a dark fantasy medieval-European world filled with shadows and things worse than nightmares. Guttsu, or Guts as it is written in English, is a loner mercenary who joins up with a mercenary group who go by the name of Band of Hawk or Taka no Dan in Japanese. Berserk’s world is filled with monsters who run freely, sword fights and naturally magic which is all part of the everyday life for Guttsu.

The first anime series ran in 1997 and the second (which is the new series) will begin to air in Japan this July. Now Crunchyroll will be streaming the second series so those in the West can experience the bizarre, horror and fantasy of Guttsu’s world. Crunchyroll posted the cast and crew:


◆Original Creator/Story SupervisorMiura Kentarou

(Studio Gaga(Serialized in Hakusensha Young Animal

◆DirectorItagaki Shin

◆Series CompositionFukami Makoto

◆Series Composition AssistanceYamashita Takashi

◆Main Character DesignAbe Hisashi

◆MusicSagisu Shirou

◆Insert Song:”Hai yo”by Hirasawa Susumu


◆Animation ProductionGEMBAMillepensee


◆GutsIwanaga Hiroaki  

◆PuckMizuhara Kaoru

◆FarneseHikasa Youko 

◆SerpicoOkitsu Kazuyuki

◆IsidroShimono Hiro   

◆AzanYasumoto Hiroki

◆CascaYukinari Toa   

◆GriffithSakurai Takahiro

◆Skull KnightOotsuka Akio

◆NarrationIshizuka Unshou 

Berserk as a franchise not only includes the original manga, and 2 anime series, but films and video games as well. The announcement for the territories, dates and times of the streaming will be announced at a later date.

Via Crunchyroll

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