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A Weekly Comic’s Pull List | Forever Evil #7: Change of Heart

As our own Stan Lee wold say, greetings true believers and newcomers alike! It’s that joyous time of the week after I’ve read all my comics and now I get to write about them. Welcome to my pull list. This week was a big week in comics for me. It hurts my wallet, but I love it all the same. Normally, you’ll find a smattering of independent titles in my pull list, but not this week.

All my titles are from the Big Two (DC and Marvel Comics). Several events continued this week: “Doomed” in the Superbooks, “Original Sin”, and finally “Forever Evil” concludes. Plenty of big things happen this week in comics. Some not so big things occur too, but they were good reading all the same.  In any case, this was definitely an eventful week in comics.

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Amazing Spider-man #2

Spider-Man 2 cover     The issue opens with us getting a glimpse of an unnamed female character who shoots webs to do mundane things in her apartment. That was an interesting tease and hopefully, we’ll revisit that soon in future issues. Peter deals with Anna Maria, Doc Octopus’s girlfriend. Confused at all? Well, ‘Ock’ was in Pete’s body due to a mind swap debacle and fell in love with a girl. Pete had to explain that to her. Talk about awkward. . . Meanwhile Max Dillon “Electro” seeks out a lady friend by the name of Francine. He needs to lay low for a while. It’s nice to see the more human parts of villains and knowing their motivations creates a great story and usually makes Spider-Man’s life harder. He understands his rogues gallery is human inside and he understands what makes them tick. He just can’t let them destroy themselves and everyone around. Such is the tragic “Parker Luck”. Nothing is ever easy.

     Speaking of not easy, Spidey goes and apologizes to the Avengers and is allowed to rejoin. Hard feelings are abundant in that meeting at least for Pete. It seems Captain America knew the secret identity of Venom and never told Spider-Man. We get some cameos from The Human Torch and the Black Cat. The issue ends with Parker Industries making an announcement. They’re going to build a brand new prison to hold super villains!


Batman Superman # Chapter 3 of “Doomed”:

Superbat! cover

     Despite the title Superman doesn’t even make an appearance. Instead, this issue is all about trying to cure the Man of Steel. Batman and Wonder Woman arrive at the Fortress of Solitude seeking a way to help their friend and they’ are joined by none other than Krypto the Superdog in the quest to find a cure in the Phantom Zone. Once there they encounter all manner of horrible foes Superman has locked up over the years. The fight scenes were of less focus, instead the story played a bigger role. I’m not so much complaining, as wishing I got to see a bit more of the action. An ally is made of an enemy and a powerful foe is released. All the while Bruce and Diana try to “do what Clark would do”.

     This certainly does paint a picture of how much Superman inspires his friends and how scared they are for him right now. As soon as they escape the Phantom Zone batman begins to second guess the plan. How far will they go to find a cure and save Superman? I can’t wait to find out.


Forever Evil #7


     This issue ties up most of the loose ends. I’ll try to keep the final a confrontation about it spoiler free as well. The Justice League and their rogue galleries team up to stop Alexander Luthor; a powerful being who permanently takes the powers of those he kills. The good guys win. . . finally. Nightwing’s fate is revealed after his heart stopped, and Lex Luthor and Batman have their own confrontation about it as well. When the dust finally settles some teams break up and new teams are formed. The fate of the surviving Crime Syndicate members is decided as well. One big question looms: what scared the Syndicate so much that they fled their universe to the New 52 Earth? Also, has Lex Luthor truly had a change of heart? Continue reading Justice League to find out!


Original Sin #2


     This issue is largely set-up. Mindless ones continue to rampage and many of them seek oblivion rather than this new found sense of self. It seems ignorance really was bliss to them. The secret team put together by Nick Fury are investing all manner of strange happenings. They want answers to three major questions: Who killed the Watcher and took his eyes? Why did those responsible do it? Where are they now? The clues lead the Avengers to a group of villains who have one of the Watcher’s eyes. After what appears to be a victory for the good guys. . . the final panel reveals a shocking twist: one of Ghost Rider’s villains has one of Uatu the Watcher’s eyes.

     This guy is truly Z-List: his name is The Orb, who just happens to have a giant eyeball for a head. Odd, to say the least, yeah? Where this is going, I’m not quite sure, but anyone who makes obscure villains relevant is pretty cool in my book. I look forward to part three.


So comic fans; what do you guys have on your “pull list”?

I’ll talk more about mine soon, so stay tuned! – “Same bat time; same bat channel”.

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