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The Best Moana Movie Based Games

Disney has done it again. The animated film studio’s latest effort, Moana, is an international hit, scoring big box office numbers and ranking as one of Rotten Tomatoes’ top movies of the year. The family-friendly, 3D film sends viewers on a visually stunning adventure in the Pacific. Like its CGI movie predecessors, Moana has spawned a bunch of video games. Some are basic, others are complex, but all of them are based on Disney’s newest princess.



Gaming portal Poki has curated a collection of the best Moana games. These titles cover a few big genres, from dress-up to coloring to puzzle. Each entry in Poki’s collection is suitable for gamers of all ages. Thrill-seeking players might not be interested in a simple puzzle, but they are bound to enjoy hours of entertainment in a daring adventure.

Moana Waialiki is a Polynesian princess with style. Many of the Moana games on Poki center around dressing up the village chief’s daughter. Players can channel their inner Vera Wang by designing dresses for Moana. One of the best aspects of these games is the authenticity of the princess’s wardrobe. Closets on the island are filled with flowing skirts and flowery blouses based on real Pacific culture. Moana fans will recognize many clothing items from the movie, including Waialiki’s signature red-and-beige top.


The authenticity continues with additional details, such as demigod Maui’s shell necklace. In all of the dress-up games, players can accessorize with many other items, including traditional leis, flower hair clips, and Tiki torches. With so many options, each dress-up game promotes exploring a plethora of styles. There are literally thousands of combinations. While it is possible to recreate Moana and Maui’s outfits from the movie, creativity is absolutely encouraged. There is no scoring system when playing dress-up. Instead, gamers can freely mix and match any items they wish, resulting in brand-new versions of the brave duo.


Some of the best Moana games combine genres. In Princess Moana’s Ship, players begin with a round of dress-up. All of the previously mentioned items are available, such as blouses, skirts, full dresses, and leis. Then, the building round begins. Gamers must saw and carve wooden logs to create pieces of the boat. Then, it is time to cut the sail out of strong cloth. After assembling the watercraft, players will transform it into a unique ship. The sail and wood can be colored many different hues. The most creative players will set sail on the most eye-catching vessels!

Every comprehensive game collection has puzzles. Poki’s Moana assortment is no different, including a variety of jigsaw puzzles featuring scenes from the movie. These puzzle games are a relaxing alternative to the hectic nature of many online titles. For younger and older players alike, the puzzles featuring authentic, 3D Moana imagery are a must-see.


The variety of Moana games on Poki means there’s something for everyone. Play dress-up, color a boat, or assemble an exquisite picture from the movie. Moana and Maui are here to entertain in every way!

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