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Bloody Smooth – BloodyUSA TL90 Infrared Gaming Mouse Review & Unboxing

PC Shooters and MMORPGs thrive under a certain, “Click or Die” mentality. The faster you click, the better your chances for the kill, the gear, and for survival. Every microsecond counts, and the proper equipment can make all the difference when your reactions are fast, but your mouse is not. The TL90 Infrared-Micro Switch Gaming Mouse by BloodyUSA is a fast clicking, speed scrolling monster of a gaming mouse that keeps up with even the quickest of wrist flicks to make professional and casual gaming a better experience for those with a competitive edge.

The TL90 is sleek, sharp, and just as cool as every other BloodyUSA product, with a classy black face complimented by bright red undertones and just a kiss of silver to add dimension. The look isn’t the only thing cool about the mouse, though – from the very first use, the difference was obvious between the TL90 and my old Logitech laser mouse. Using the five presents available on the mouse, changing the DPI (mouse sensitivity) is efficient and easy, and the built-in 8200cpi avago 9800 laser engine ensures a smooth ride. The availability is perfect for a quick DPI change while in game, and the crucial sensitivity is always adjustable.


Another excellent feature of the TL90 is glide capability. Equipped with Bloody’s own “Metal X’Glide,” the mouse moves effortlessly and responsively while maintaining durability and style. The exclusive “Metal X’Glide” technology is in part the metal mouse feet, which make the mouse incredibly easy to move, without any drag even on the nappiest of mousepads. Even while throwing my mouse around in a Portal speed run and shooting a few wild grapples in Gotham City Imposters, nothing could slow it down.

Added binding ability is perhaps the most important quality of any gaming mouse, and the TL90 offers five additional buttons that are easy to access while playing. The left and right click buttons are obviously the most comfortable for use, but the additional buttons under the scroll wheel and those that rest under the thumb are easy to get used to. The mouse is designed in such a way that even smaller hands (such as my girl hands) can comfortably access every additional button for optimal effect. This being said, the bulk of the mouse brings a certain clumsiness to standard movement, as the mouse itself is fairly large.

For the most-part, binding these buttons is a snap when using any in-game settings. However, for those who desire a far more customizable approach, BloodyUSA offers specialized software in Ultracore4. This software allows players to completely customize their experience, with specific settings and suggestions catered to the specific product being used. Included with any compatible gaming product, the simple design of Ultracore4 is extremely easy to navigate and use, making binding buttons less of a nuisance.

While the design is excellent and the performance is undeniable, the downside to the TL90 is price. Costing a pretty penny at $89.99 USD, the TL90 is definitely an accessory best suited for gamers who take their gaming to a professional level, or for those who expect a certain level of performance from their gaming mouses. Price aside, however, the TL90 is an excellent piece of gaming equipment, made better by obvious style, customizability, and overall usability.

A TL90 mouse was provided by BloodyUSA for the purpose of this review

BloodyUSA TL90 Infrared Gaming Mouse

BloodyUSA TL90 Infrared Gaming Mouse




    • Glides Smoothly
    • Easily Programmable
    • Design Brings a Cool Look


    • Lower side of high-end
    • Sometimes Feels Bulky

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