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It’s ‘Bout To Get Bloody – BloodyUSA B120 Keyboard Review

If you’re a PC gamer, the accessories that you have with your computer are quite important. Ranging anywhere from headsets, multiple monitors, USB controllers, and more; the products you use can truly enhance your gaming experience.

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Today’s keyboard is the B120 Turbo Illuminated Gaming Keyboard, complete with double secured water resistance and easy-to-connect USB for those on the go gamers. When you get your first look at the keyboard, the design is simple and the key font is easily readable. My favorite part about this keyboard is the logo that lights up on the wrist-rest. The logo itself gives the keyboard a horror-esque look at night, especially when you have the LED lights turned on. Speaking of the LED lights, this keyboard gives you five choices of brightness ranging 0% to 100%. When I first turned on the LED lights, it was about mid-afternoon and I didn’t even realize that they were on. I had to look carefully to see them in daylight. At night, the LED is very clear and makes the letters easily readable. The red LED is vivid enough for you to stare at, but doesn’t hurt your eyes late at night. 2015-08-27 11-10-26.812

Another plus to this keyboard is the extra red silicon A,S,D,W keys in addition the regular A,S,D,W keys, along with a tool to help you pop out the keys to change them. This keyboard also has a one-thousand Hertz rate which helps to keep up with your quick keystrokes without having to worry about input lag. The other keys included on the keyboard range from the auto-shot and the turbo-shot key settings. You can download supported software (click here) for these keys from BloodyUSA’s website so you can rebind keys for your favorite games. The escape key also clears the special key functions and resorts the keyboard back to default mode. I might also add that the program isn’t needed for everyday, casual use; it’s only necessary if you have a wireless keyboard from BloodyUSA, or if you want to re-bind some keys.

Also included are the ever loving multimedia keys that allow you to mute, raise/lower volume, pause media, stop media, or skip media. In addition, there is also a key that allows you to disable the “Window” mode key, so you can avoid interruption during your game sessions. The keys also have a slanted keycap design, so it lowers the risk of accidentally hitting other keys while you type. The spacebar is very handy as well, as it is designed with double screws and double springs, giving it strong durability for those rage inducing moments during game sessions.

If you’re like me and can’t stand for your keyboard to be laying flat on your desk, you’ll really enjoy the anti-slip stands that BloodyUSA added to keep your keyboard from slipping and vibrating during game sessions.

There were some small issues that I found with the keyboard shortcuts, though. Sometimes they would work for me, and sometimes they wouldn’t. When I tried to press“ctrl-a” to select all, sometimes I would have to press the combination keys a few times to get it to work. The same issue occurred when I tried to press “ctrl-c” to copy, along with “ctrl-v” to paste. Besides these issues, I have found no other problems with this amazing keyboard.

If you want to purchase this keyboard and give it a whirl, it’s priced at $69.99 on the website. This keyboard is amazing for its price, and even though I’ve had some minor issues with it, it’s enhanced my gaming experience two-fold!

Sadly, no unboxing video is included this time, but check out the sick close up of this beauty:


A B120 Keyboard was provided by BloodyUSA for the purpose of this review

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