Breath of the Wild UK Limited Edition Unboxed by Eiji Aonuma

Eiji Aonuma has unboxed the Breath of the Wild UK Limited Edition and revealed a little something about the game.

This unboxing shows off what is inside the UK Limited Edition version: the Breath of the Wild game (for the Nintendo Switch), the Sound Selection CD and the Master Sword of Resurrection Figurine. The Master Sword lies asleep in the forest with rust and nicks encasing it. The sword sleeping within the dark woods is a common sight in Legend of Zelda games, but normally the sword looks as if it was just forged. In Breath of the Wild, the reason of sword’s less than perfect condition will be explained in the game along with the beautiful flower next to it.

Breath of the Wild UK Limited Edition / Nintendo

Breath of the Wild UK Limited Edition / Nintendo

Aonuma-san briefly mentions in this video that the flower growing beside the Master Sword of Resurrection depicted on the figurine is called Sleeping Princess. Could this mean that Princess Zelda was transformed into a flower and waits to be awakened along with the holy sword? Or could it mean Sleeping Princess holds Zelda’s power until Link is able to fight along side her? The truth behind this breathtaking flower will be given alongside the explanation of the sword’s appearance. Aonuma-san says we must wait to play Breath of the Wild to learn these secrets.

Video Source: Nintendo UK YouTube Channel

Source: Nintendo UK Online Store

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