How can an iPhone 8 improve mobile gaming?

If you needed any proof of how the tech world has an endless thirst for new gadgets, then simply look around the internet to see how rumors are already forming around the iPhone 8.

Despite it being just over two months since Apple unleashed the iPhone 7, the rumor mill has already been in operation about how the Californian tech firm will update this impressive piece of kit.

And although tech fans come in all shapes and sizes, it’s the gaming community who are the most ardent in their quest to play mobile games in evermore advanced ways. So how can Apple appease this notoriously difficult-to-please audience?

Processing power

It was thanks to the revolutionary A10 fusion chip that Apple boasted that the iPhone 7 was capable of console-level gaming.

And certainly anything from Clash Royale to the latest casino games were enjoyably playable without any glitches, but as the quality of mobile games continues to improve, it’s clear that Apple will always be playing a game of catch up.

Improved functionality

With big titles like Super Mario Run just around the corner, performance will be at the forefront of Apple’s minds as they are expected to include a super-charged A11 chip that will make speedy and seamless gameplay the norm on the iPhone 8.

And there are also calls for the iPhone 8 to be able to facilitate split-screen app functionality so that gamers could enjoy an engrossing Minecraft session and then click here to explore some of the highly popular gaming apps that have been highlighted over at the Lucky Nugget Casino website without interrupting the game.

Battery issues

But as Samsung’s embarrassing exploding battery saga illustrates, there’s always a balancing act to perform between technological prowess and the device’s safety. And with many rumors that the iPhone is getting a battery boost, it reminds us how power issues are always the most important aspect of any smartphone.

What’s interesting about the iPhone 8’s planned battery is that it’s expected to include wireless charging in a way that’s similar to the acclaimed Apple Watch. This could add a further level of flexibility over any gaming activity, and whilst such rumors are yet to be confirmed, it’s clear that it’s not just headphone jacks that Apple are seeking to remove from our smartphones.

And whilst speculation about whether the iPhone 8 will be ‘all-glass’ might not have a dramatic effect on your casino gaming, it does illustrate how Apple make stylish and powerful portable gaming devices.

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