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As a writer, there are plenty of other writers I admire. One of them is Brian Cronin; author of “Comics Should Be Good” for Comic Book Resources, a pretty self-explanatory statement if you ever heard one, and I’d like to pay homage to him here.   The title does just that.  Comics haven’t been bad per say, but lately comics for the past few weeks have been a little less than good.  Marketing and shocking events are slowly taking the place of good character development and story.  I agree Mr. Cronin; comics should be good.  Did I mention I’m starting to get fatigued by all the “big event” tie-ins? Only one more month of these events, then Marvel and DC have to put something else big in motion.



Amazing Spider-Man #4:

asm 4During the events of Original Sin; many Marvel characters got visions of things being hidden from them. So Spider-Man discovers that a woman was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit him. Really Marvel? Anyway, he’s drawn by his spider sense to an old building owned by a former associate named Ezekiel. Breaking into help save this spider-powered person. Enter Cindy Moon: a lady with all the same powers as Peter, only faster and more tricks organic webs than he ever thought to try. (New characters are always cooler than old characters in comics; it’s a common trope)

She isn’t pleased to see him. claiming he has brought calamity down upon them and everyone around them. That’s the Parker Luck Chuck. Meanwhile, Black Cat is collecting data on how to best Spider-Man and his allies. What’s her plan? Revenge is too simple for Felicia Hardy. Things aren’t that simple for Peter Parker either. Ah! Here it comes! While Cindy, AKA Silk, and Spider-Man swing around New York, they start chatting. Spider-sense starts tingling, and drawing them together…that’s new.

The issue closes with an unexplained kiss between the two. So, the spider power package now includes getting flirty? Maybe it’s a mystic connection through the fabled “Web of Life.” Living creatures have pheromones this makes sense, if you stretch it. I just figure Pete needs to blow off some steam and his “Spider-Sense” is a good excuse. A decent issue in all, Dan Slott’s trademark juggling act weaves the issue’s plot threads together in an impressive web. I recommend giving it a read and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


wondersupes annual

Superman Wonder Woman Annual #1″Doomed” & Action Comics Annual #3 “Doomed”:

Released on the same day, these issues can’t help but have similar plots.  In space, “Superdoom” (I shudder at the name, but that’s what Superman’s currently called) is tearing apart cyborg superman…literally. Back on planet Earth; Lois/Brainiac (no “cool” name like Brois or Lois Laniac?) is summoning ships to take over planet Earth. Batman and the Justice League know Clark is returning and are trying to remove the Kryptonite from the atmosphere. Back in space, Clark’s returning to Earth after having tossed Cyborg Superman aside.

Annual Action Comics Doomed BagoGames

The League is out in force trying to stop Brainiac’s invasion and calling in every one of their allies to get it done. How desperate is Batman to “use” the villains freed from the Phantom Zone to accomplish his goal? Quite desperate, even Lex Luthor’s having trouble seeing how this works out in the end.  Regardless with inventive use of these villains powers The Caped Crusader plans to rid the atmosphere of Kryptonite.


The clock is ticking for Earth, the Justice League, and even for Superman.  It all comes down to the wire as Doomsday takes control and starts to indiscriminately spread his virus while killing Brainiac’s forces. Wonder Woman’s given no choice but to fight him to buy time until Bruce’s plan succeeds, and naturally, Batman comes through just in the nick of time. The kryptonite is phased into another dimension and Diana no longer battles Clark to the death as he regains control at last. Turning their attention to Brainiac, they easily win with no time for cheer. Lois, once again in control, sides with Luthor and a huge ship, Brainiac’s Mothership, enters Earth’s orbit…


Action Comics #34 “Doomed”: 

action 34


Superman continues to coordinate his efforts with Martian Manhunter and Lois “the still telepathic” Lane, but with the combined might of two alien power houses and his ex’s faith in him, they do the impossible. Putting the mothership out of commission with a rather impressive eye beam display, they stop a ship bigger than the planet from colliding with their home. Lucky for us Earthlings they succeed.

Forward momentum ceases, they still need to get the ship out of Earth’s orbit however. Matters get  bait complicated when Lois telepathically warns him to hurry not to worry about what’s going on back on Earth. What a foreboding and worrisome thing to say. *tsk tsk* The last panel shows Mongul and Non (very powerful foes of Superman’s) arriving at the fortress of solitude. This is shaping up to be a epic event suitable for the Man of Steel.  It could have wrapped up a little faster, but I think I’m getting my money’s worth.


Thor and Loki The Tenth Realm #2 & 3: 

thor and loki 2

These Original Sin tie-ins are summed up rather quickly and concisely, and the same can be found here. We discover that the Tenth Realm of “Heven” is full of angels and their space age looking warships. All female with a rigid caste system, they more like traditional Faustian demons making deals and doing business to gain rank than their heavenly counterparts.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, but regardless, our protagonist angel, Angela, is drawn to Asgard and the Tenth Realm while Thor beats angel ass all across Heven. Thor stands amongst a bunch of winged bodies in one panel and blows up their space ships too, with his hammer. Thor’s that kind of badass. None shall stand between Thor and the truth. Well, nobody but Angela. Angela, the most powerful angel of Heven, is going to kill the Odinson. Yeah right.

All the while Loki’s sneaking into the Angel Queen’s chamber for a sit down while angels die and siblings shed blood outside. In the end, they strike a deal and Loki does what he always does: he betrays Thor! Not realizing they’re brother and sister, Thor and Angela fight until she beats him into the ground…what? Then Loki and the “Mistress of Strategies” arrive in time to save him, and Thor ends issue three in chains.

An honorable mention for this week’s pull list: The X-Men titles are having a Original Sin tie-in with extra soap opera on the side.  Turns out Professor X secretly married Mystique and left all the school and his money to her…wait what???


Marvel and DC have spoiled us again with some stellar writing yet I can’t help but feel there’s still something problematic. I still feel like Is Angela is being pushed on Marvel too hard? Does she school Thor way too easy?  What do you all think?  Make sure you talk about it on our forums!

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