Creator of Alone in the Dark Returns with a Story Trailer for 2Dark

Fans of survival horror are in for a treat today as a new story trailer has been released for 2Dark, the new game from Frédérick Raynal, creator of the Alone in the Dark franchise. The game follows Mr. Smith, whose wife has been murdered and children stolen. The former detective now seeks justice as he pursues those responsible, attempting to unravel a mystery that is hanging over the city of Gloomywood. Check out the trailer above.

While Mr. Smith has had his children abducted, he isn’t the only one. The entire city has been hit with multiple kidnappings. So players will have more than just their own character’s plight to motivate them through the investigation. The darkness of the plot isn’t the only thing to provide a sense of dread, though. The game has many interesting mechanics that will push players into a more tense and horrifying experience. Even the save mechanic is actively working against players as it comes in the form of a smoke break. And everyone knows that smoking kills, so presumably you won’t be able to save too much.

2Dark will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is being developed by Gloomywood and published by Bigben Interactive.

Source: Bigben Interactive Press Release

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