Dead Space 3: What To Expect

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With the drop of Dead Space 3 drawing ever closer, here is much of what we can expect in the third installment of Visceral Games much-loved survival-horror franchise.


Set after the events of the second game, Dead Space 3 takes place on (and in the chilling atmosphere ofthe rather scenic ice planet ‘Tau Volantis’. Here resides a conveniently placed government station, inevitably infested with Necromorphs.

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Dead Space finally has a meaty machine gun, or at least the demo does. The weapon exhibited in the demo pairs a classic automatic rifle with secondary fire akin to that of the Force Gun from the previous Dead Space installment. This combination is evidently provided to showcase the possibilities open to players with the new Bench systems. Weapons can be customized, improved, or built entirely from the ground up allowing players to create unique combat encounters. Thankfully, the iconic Plasma Cutter has remained.

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The infamous Necromorphs make a snowy return in Dead Space 3 with many new additions such as the Swarm, a possessionibased Necromorph that reanimates corpses often carrying rifles and other military gear. Another interesting addition is the Waster, a Necromorph that disguises itself as a human with winter clothing and attacks with climbing gear. It happens to dismember into a tentacle monster that somewhat channels ‘The Thing’, a pleasant coincidence considering the snowy surroundings. The demo also hints at BIG Necromorph bad guys, like Shadow of the Colossus-kind of big. It will be interesting to see how they are incorporated into Dead Space gameplay which has generally been confined to closed rooms and tight corridors up to this point. It’s also been confirmed that humans will appear as enemies on Dead Space 3, which provides for an intriguing variety of foes.

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Along with the classic stomping and flailing melee, Dead Space 3 has brought a basic ability to the table in a bid to offer some respite to the action. You can now crouch behind strategically placed boxes. Kinesis plays a role in spinning turbines to power things such as lifts, and stasis is still a key element in both combat and Dead Space’s classic puzzle sequences. The ever-helpful objective marker is also staying for this installment. If you’re an Xbox 360 gamer, then good news! You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself further by using voice commands with the Kinect during gameplay. Shout instructions such as ‘USE MED KIT’, which will undoubtedly work great for action-packed co-op sessions.

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Dead Space 3 is still following the footsteps of the clearly unfortunate Isaac Clarke and his apparent love interest (and fellow badass survivor) Ellie Langford. The other main [human] character is Sergeant John Carver, a member of Earth Defense Force and one of the few other characters to ever be seen in a suit variant of Isaacs. Carver is also the online co-op character that will fight alongside Isaac in the drop-in, drop-out gameplay offering a more lore-based storyline than single player, if that’s your bag.

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According to information sourced from a company blog, Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer of Dead Space 3, has confirmed a few things and teased others. Firstly, the variety of game modes include Classic Mode (Dead Space 1 style gameplay), one life Hardcore mode, and pure Survival Mode (items are only from downed enemies). If those variants weren’t enough, you can still play the quintessential “New+” mode where you play the story again with all your unlocked gear.

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More is likely to surface as release day draws closer and employees get less secretive. I’ll try to update as news and facts evolve, keeping this list an up-to-date Dead Space 3 summary. Below are links to the recently released live-action trailer (which sports an awesome soundtrack) and some new screenshots. Stick with BagoGames to stay updated on the Dead Space happenings, and share your thoughts on these new additions to the franchise below.


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