Death Stranding Panel Reveals Decima Game Engine, Vinyl Pre-order

Today at PlayStation Experience 2016 there was a Death Stranding panel which of course had plenty of information. Perhaps the biggest piece of news was that Kojima Productions’s highly anticipated game will be running on Decima, a game engine created by Guerilla Games which you’ll be able to see in action with Horizon: Zero Dawn. This partnership was the result of Hideo Kojima’s trip around the world with Mark Cerny to find the perfect engine to work with.

As for speculation, Kojima announced that both Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen would be getting motion captured in full for the game, with full voice acting, so expect very lifelike representations of them, akin to what has been seen in the trailers. Guillermo del Toro will not be present for the game’s creation as he is too busy with other projects. Which means his inclusion in the trailer from The Game Awards was likely made exclusively for the trailer. In-game assets from the trailer can be seen below.

A new version of the same trailer from The Game Awards was also played, which you can watch above. The only difference is the music which was replaced with the song “Easy Way Out” by Low Roar. You may remember that name as another song of theirs was used in the original E3 trailer for the game. For those who enjoy the music from the new trailer, they can pre-order a 12″ vinyl with artwork for Death Stranding from Mondo which features both “Easy Way Out” and “I’ll Keep Coming” from Low Roar. You can check out the vinyl artwork below:

Obviously Death Stranding will not be out for a while, but it is definitely coming along and I personally find it refreshing how transparent the whole process seems to be. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be picking up the 12″ release, how you feel about the reworked trailer, or the involvement of Guerilla Games with the project.

Source: PlayStation Experience 2016

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