Disney Infinity Has Been Delayed: Wallets Around The World Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Disney Interactive boss, John Pleasants has confirmed that Disney Infinity will not be launching in June, as previously planned by the company.

Originally reported by the New York Times, Disney Infinity is Disney’s take on the popular Skylanders franchise which sees gamers collect figures which do a lot more than simply ‘look nice’ as when placed on other accessories allow you to play as which ever figure you have chosen. The figures themselves, at least in Disney Infinity, are also keys to extra story arcs which can be played through in game meaning each set of toys which you purchase is much more than just a simple DLC character unlock code.

The delay has been made at the request of retailers who apparently want it released closer to Christmas although moving the release date from June to August (20th Internationally, 18th in the US) doesn’t make that much of a difference in your writers opinion.

Pleasants also stressed that this wasn’t just a grab for more profits saying; “Will a two-month timing change help us? Sure, of course. It gives us a little more time to add bells and whistles and make sure it really sings and pops.”

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[Source: New York Times via Eurogamer]

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