Donkey Kong 3D

Rejoice Donkey Kong fans! Pre-orders for Donkey Kong 3D are now available at retailers.

Rejoice Donkey Kong fans! Pre-orders for Donkey Kong 3D are now available at retailers.  This is despite the lack of an announcement for any DK titles on the 3DS, a user on the DK Vine Forum posted a picture of Donkey Kong 3D boxes on the pre-order shelf and stated “at EB Games, they are advertising ‘Donkey Kong 3D’ for preorder.”  This along with a listing for Donkey Country 3D has appeared on retail site along with a mock up image of box art based off of the DS game Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber.

This remains speculation as there has been no Donkey Kong 3D announcements and retailers often create placeholders for games.

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[via IGN]


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