The Dreamcast Refuses to Die as Redux: Dark Matters is Due 2013

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Since it launched in 1999 (or 1998 if we’re talking about the Japan release) the Dreamcast has been a console which every gamer has looked up to as the one to stand out from the crowd due to its determination to try and innovate the market place and introduce us to services which we could only dream about before hand (online gaming anyone?).

Now, as it slowly reaches its 14th birthday later this year (again, 15th if you’re from Japan) the console is still happy to provide you with entertainment as it turns out that a new Dreamcast shooter, Redux: Dark Matters, is due later this year thanks to doubling its Kickstarter goal.

The developer, Hucast Games, has stated that the game is an “ace shoot ’em up for the Sega Dreamcast” and features three ships as well as three game modes whilst consisting of five-stages.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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