E3 2017: Fallout 4 VR Revealed for SteamVR and HTC Vive

It’s time to take a trip through the virtual reality Wasteland. Bethesda gave us our first glimpse into Fallout 4 VR during today’s E3 press conference for the publisher.

Fallout 4 VR will utilize the HTC Vive to embrace crafting, combat, and exploration in virtual reality. The announcement trailer shows a three-dimensional inventory wheel for crafting items at your workbench. The wireless VR controllers can be used to physically move furniture and other objects around your virtual settlement space. Other promotional images show a fully-integrated V.A.T.S. system and a virtual reality Pip-Boy. Our first VR interactions with Deathclaws and Assaultrons are sure to be intense.

We can expect to get our hands on this SteamVR release during the last quarter of 2017. Bethesda’s Twitter feed is giving us a date of October 2017, and the Amazon Pre-Order page is currently defaulting to December 31, 2017. Fallout 4 VR does not currently include compatibility with any add-on content, but here at BagoGames, we are hoping to see a VR Far Harbor or Nuka-World in the future.

Will you be pre-ordering Fallout 4 VR? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to BagoGames for more coverage of E3 2017 as announcements are made.

Source: Bethesda E3 Conference,

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