E3 2017: Sony’s PlayLink Line Aims to Get Everyone Playing Games

During their pre-show at E3, Sony unveiled something interesting, PlayLink, which is a new category of games that are made to be enjoyed socially and by gamers and non-gamers alike. During the reveal, Sony showed off a couple of their first PlayLink games; Hidden Agenda, from Until Dawn developers Supermassive Games, and That’s You. There will be more titles to come, such as a new Singstar, and a couple games called Frantics and Knowledge is Power.

During the reveal of Hidden Agenda, it was noted that when people were playing and streaming Until Dawn, it was often a social experience. Players were playing with other players, making choices and the like. The developers wanted to capitalize on this idea. Hidden Agenda can be played solo or with up to five players, and in it players use their cell phones to interact with the game, and make choices that can save characters, or have dire consequences. The game looks very intriguing, with great production values, and could definitely make for some great gaming experiences with folks who love shows like True Detective or even CSI.

The second game that was shown was That’s You, which is more of a party game. Players use their cellphones once again, to take pictures, and then play a variety of games, where various questions are answered, photos are drawn on and altered in wacky ways, and the game resembles something more similar to a tabletop game. There appears to be a great deal of interaction and variety in the games that are used in That’s You, and it looks like a perfect introduction into the PlayLink line for Sony. That’s You will be the first PlayLink offering, and it will be free for PS Plus subscribers at the beginning of July.

PlayLink is an interesting take on gaming by Sony, and one of the more intriguing offerings from any developer of publisher at E3 this year. While some games, like Ubisoft’s Just Sing and Just Dance, have utilized peoples cellphones as controllers, Sony is taking it even farther and offering up some interesting gaming experiences. Are these games that you would play with your friends? Will these show up at your next gaming night? Let us know below what you think of PlayLink.

Source: Sony E3 Press Conference Pre-show


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