E3 2017: Ubisoft’s New Pirate Game – Skull & Bones Revealed

A new pirate game is sailing from Ubisoft Singapore: Skull & Bones promises to be the pirate game everyone never knew they wanted.

Skull & Bones give players and opportunity to make their own legend upon the dangerous seas from the safety of their home. Presented as a beautifully generated and highly detailed game, players will be able to experience a pirates life as fully as possible through a game. Starting off you are given a  ship and expected to upgrade it as you play along. This game looks and feels what everyone wanted from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. The navel battles between players online will give lots of reasons to step up competitive skills.

Decisions are vital. Looking at trade routes and deciding which merchant ships to attack and what ships contain the better plunder will help your status. Choose to fight against merchants, other pirates within the game and especially other players. The open world contains reactions to players’ actions. Even sea monsters may come at the least opportune time.

Paying attention in combat is important. You must adjust your sails to use the wind to your advantage. Ubisoft stated that mastering the ability to work with the wind is so vital, that failing to do so will cost your pirate’s life. So far, the exact locations and areas that will be featured in the game haven’t been revealed yet. Skull & Bones is launching on the PS4, Xbox One and on PC. You can sign up for the beta by visiting the Ubisoft website.

Source: Ubisoft E3 Presentation and Ubisoft Official Blog

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