Eisenberg Casted as Lex Luther in New Batman vs. Superman Movie

According to USA Today, Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Superman’s complex enemy Lex Luther in the anticipated Warner Bros.’ Batman vs Superman film. Instead of the usual bad guy stereotype that battle super heroes, Luther is a well-rounded antagonist who often surprises audiences in addition to Superman. Fans of the Superman comics, various TV shows and films will certainly be treated to a new take on the Luther character. Based on Eisenberg’s performance in The Social Network, he will bring the same energy and once again showcase the labyrinth within his character’s mind for audiences.

Other important characters have already been casted and publicly announced. Jeremy Irons will be Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler Alfred, Ben Affleck shall play as Batman, and Wonder Woman will be performed by Gal Gadot. Henry Cavill from Man of Steel is returning as Superman. The Warner Bros. movie is schedualed to open in theaters May 6, 2016. Batman vs Superman still has no official title as of yet, but Warner Bros. will probably be issuing more news of the movie to hold fans interest till it’s launch.


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