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Epic Addiction – Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Review

Dragon Ball Z has endured the test of time, and the test of generations. Movies, manga, and video games alike bring excitement to Super-Saiyan fans, and the new mobile game is no exception. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is unique among mobile games, offering well-animated combat and environments, interesting puzzles, multiple ways to earn money, new fighters, and Dragon Balls.


Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a mobile puzzle-fighter, a unique combination. Using “stamina,” a level can be entered, in which the real game begins. The levels are navigated on a game board-like map, moving a pre-rolled number of spaces towards an enemy. Once an enemy on the board is reached, combat is initiated. The game is centered on combat, and combat is achieved through connecting colored dots during a battle. The more dots you connect, the better your attack. Each fighter has a specific color they can defend against, and that they can fight effectively against in battle. The colors correspond with techniques, and the implementation of these against enemies adds another layer to the puzzle’s depth.


Along with characters, other items can be unlocked, such as attack boosters, health regenerators, “Zeni” (in-game currency), and “Ki” (stat) boosters. Characters in the game range from “Not Rare” to “Super Super Rare,” with “Ultra Rare” characters released in Japan. Like other free-to-play mobile games, Dokkan Battle has micro-transactions to purchase more lives, dragon stones, and Zeni. Unlike some others, though, it is completely playable without any of the excess purchases. Everything you can purchase can be earned, and they do not cater to buyers like other games do. All characters must be unlocked through earning dragon stones, and every “summon” is randomized. You can even collect the seven Dragon Balls – once collected, you can summon Shenron and make a wish yourself.


While the in-game story isn’t the biggest pull of the game, it still serves to entertain. The story follows a dimensional distortion that you have been asked to investigate. With the help of King Kai and Future Trunks, you head out to seek the mysterious man who used Shenron the Dragon to wish for an encounter with the strongest person alive – and who is seemingly attacking martial arts masters. Amidst the storyline, however, there are numerous available promotional quests, as well as some “flash events,” where rare items can be earned.
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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a fresh take on a thrashed mobile genre. The possibility of new characters keeps the game interesting, while promotional battles keep the game fun. Overall playability is high, and the possibility of earning a favorite “Super Super Rare” character keeps the game resilient. The game is worth a play, and definitely worth your time.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle




    • Epic battle sequences
    • Earnables
    • Cornucopia of classic characters


    • In-app purchases not necessary, but available

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