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Explore a Universe of Color and Dinosaurs in No Man’s Sky

One of the biggest games to come out of The Playstation Experience may have come from one of its smallest studios, believe it or not. As it’s been previewed to us since last E3, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky made yet another stunning debut at the Sony games convention to demonstrate just how big of a universe the ten-person studio’s bent on making.

The British game developer presented some of its more fascinating visions of its science fiction, adventure game courtesy of its own Sean Murray, who took to the stage to showcase the game’s mesmerizing scale.

Hello Games was generous enough to show off four minutes of footage of No Man’s Sky and in just that time we see two entire planets’ worth of life. We see a pilot launch, land on a planet, jump out and walk about among the lizard behemoths around them, before we zoom out to glimpse at the vast expanse of the game’s infinite procedural universe.

“It’s a hard game to summarise sometimes, so I always want us to release direct gameplay,” Murray said, “to just capture moments from the game, without lots of cuts.”

You can see all that for yourself made to the tune of the first new track from the new album 65daysofstatic. You’ll get to play No Man’s Sky on Playstation 4s and PCs sometime soon next year.


Via Playstation on YouTube

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