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Fast RMX Review – High Octane Fun!

Fast RMX, Shin'en Multimedia

Fast RMX is one of a handful of games that helped round out the Nintendo Switch’s launch lineup. It’s the Switch version of Fast Racing Neo, which was released on the Wii U in December 2015. It includes the downloadable content that was released for Fast Racing Neo in addition to six additional tracks. There are plenty of tracks, vehicles, and options to keep the attention of racing fans for quite some time.

I’m not a fan of traditional racing games like Gran Turismo or Forza but I’ve always been a fan of games like F-Zero and Mario Kart and so this is definitely a game that appeals to me. One of the things I’ve always loved about the F-Zero series is the ability to go extremely fast and give my hand-eye coordination a true test of its capabilities. Fast RMX is no different and in fact is very similar to F-Zero, which is very fitting since there hasn’t been a release in over a decade. Fans of the series may still long for another official title in the F-Zero franchise but in the meantime it seems there are plenty of fans that also work in the industry who can do something about it. The high speeds, momentum, and tight turns help make Fast RMX a title worth paying attention to if you’re into futuristic or over-the-top racing games.

Fast RMX, Shin'en Multimedia

Fast RMX, Shin’en Multimedia

Fast RMX has an interesting mechanic. You can change the light under and around your vehicle between two different colors, which can either help or hinder you. There will be turbo strips and launch pads that will be one of these two colors, and if you match colors you’ll enjoy a nice boost in speed! However, if you’re the other color then you’ll get a deep cut in speed, which can quite easily cause you to wreck or fall far behind. Being able to change between these two color phases is essential to being successful in Fast RMX. All it takes is the tap of a  button, and quick thinking too, of course!

There are also orbs throughout the tracks that will add to your boost meter when collected. You can hold down the ‘R’ button to enjoy a nice boost whenever you want, as long as you have some juice stored in your meter. You can get up to some ridiculous speeds when combining your boost with the turbo strips and pads scattered throughout the tracks. As long as you can keep up with the action, you’ll be able to fly past the supposed competition.

Fast RMX, Shin'en Multimedia

Fast RMX, Shin’en Multimedia

There are plenty of different modes as well, including a ‘Hero Mode’ that ups the difficulty and the challenge. Once you master the rest of the game, you can jump into this mode to truly test your skill and prove yourself. Once you master that or whenever you’re ready, you can jump into both local or online multiplayer to test your skills against other people. You can race against up to four people locally or engage in races online between two and eight different total people.

Fast RMX packs a lot of content into its small and affordable contents. There are thirty tracks to race through and plenty of environments as well. From alpine peaks to futuristic cities, there’s such a great amount of variety to enjoy so it’ll continue to feel fresh as you race through the ten different cups with the fifteen different unlockable vehicles.

Vehicles, tracks, and environments pop off the screen with both beautiful graphics and an impressive 60 frames per second. I really enjoying seeing the high and consistent frame rate with speed and reaction being such key aspects of this game. Frames skipping or bad graphics would really hinder this experience. This game looks great both on the TV and on the Switch screen and the multiplayer is enjoyable in both styles as well. The online community seems to be pretty good right now. I never really had to wait too long to get paired up with other people but I expect there to be a bit of a dip when Mario Kart 8 Deluxe releases. They’re very different games though so I’m sure the community will still be alive and active.

Fast RMX, Shin'en Multimedia

Fast RMX, Shin’en Multimedia

Fast RMX is a great game and it’s hard to argue with the price of $19.99. I’m happy that it launched with the console because it gives it better visibility in the eShop so that people can more easily discover this great game. On March 5th, the developer announced that there would be updates and additional  content in the future which will include ‘Time Attack Mode’ and ‘Online Friend Support.’ The sensational speeds, vehicle variety, excellent environments, tightly designed tracks, and high frame rate help make this title a must own for fans of the racing genre. I especially recommend Fast RMX if you’re one of the many F-Zero fans that have been waiting in the cold for another title in the series. This game may not completely fill that void but the gameplay is very similar, especially the changes that the ‘Hero Mode’ bring to the table.

Fast RMX

Fast RMX




    • Fast speeds and tight turns bring challenge and variety to the racing genre
    • Cool and interesting futuristic science-fiction inspired tracks and environments
    • Beautiful graphics
    • High frame rate of 60 FPS
    • Hero Mode helps make this title even more like F-Zero

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