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Film Fallout Podcast #57 – Ghost in The Dark Tapes

Ghost in the Shell
(Ghost in the Shell, Paramount Pictures)

Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan have returned just in time to discuss the whitewashing event of the year: Ghost in the Shell. We’re still giving away a copy of the original (read on below), but we talk about a great many things with this film including its plot justification for whitewashing, its replication of moments from the original, and the film’s box office results.

If you want to win a digital copy of the anime from 1995 then follow the below steps:

To enter, just send an email to with the name of the director of the live-action remake, and include in the subject line “Ghost in the Shell Giveaway”. There will be other ways to enter through our various social media accounts, so follow those below if you’d like to win yourself a copy. You have to live in either the United States or Canada in order to use the code (sorry, it’s all we have access to usually). Deadline is April 10th, 2017.

Dylan also talks about Netflix’s Five Came Back documentary miniseries, as well as the first season of Big Little Lies which just ended. He also gives his thoughts on the new film from Alice Lowe, Prevenge. Meanwhile, Chris saw an upcoming horror anthology series entitled The Dark Tapes, and the two of them discuss The Discovery from Charlie McDowell (The One I Love). There’s also news like Jordan Peele being considered for that long-gestating Akira remake and we have our blu-ray releases for the week, including our pick of the week: Paterson.

We also spend a decent amount of time discussing The Book of Henry trailer because…well, if you’ve seen it, you know why. Check it out below:

Next week, we shall return with an entire episode dedicated solely to The Fast and the Furious franchise. That’s right, the entire thing. Then we’ll be back the week after with a regular episode that talks all about The Fate of the Furious.

Give a listen to our Ghost in the Shell podcast below:


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