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Film Fallout Podcast #58 – Nobody Likes The Tuna in The Fast and the Furious

Fast Five
(Fast Five, Universal Pictures)

This week, Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan are in your face with The Fast and the Furious franchise as they dissect every waking moment of the films, leading up to the release of The Fate of the Furious next week. We dive deep into the timeline of the series and find things to discuss about each individual film and their merits towards the overall franchise.

How does The Fast and the Furious hold up as the entry point to such a prolific series? Why is 2 Fast 2 Furious not even the worst film in the series? How does The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift hold up in both chronological order and release order? Is Fast & Furious the beginning of a shift to what the series became? Why is Fast Five so good? How does Furious 6 manage to escalate things but maintain the quality of the series? When did everyone become superheroes in Furious 7? These are just a sample of the questions we answer as we go through each film, provide our own personal rankings of the films, and give a rundown of the action scenes and where they rank amongst each other.

Take this podcast as a reason to go watch all the films if you haven’t, or at least use this as a primer so you can jump into The Fate of the Furious which we’ll be reviewing next week.

Give a listen to the podcast below:


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