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Film Fallout Podcast #65 – Pirates of the Car Bean: Dead Men Cut to the Feeling

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
(Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Walt Disney Pictures)

Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan go on a journey across the Caribbean to try and find the mysterious Trident of Poseidon. But for some reason, we have to endure the ramblings of a drunk pirate, a Geoffrey Rush-pirate who suddenly has feelings, a girl who most definitely is not a witch but just very smart, and a boy who is neither interesting nor aggravating – he just exists. That’s right, we reviewed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and we came back with plenty of tales. Our discussion begins at 44:15.

For those who are curious about French cannibals, Dylan saw Raw and gets to tell Chris all about how he felt about it. And Chris saw a French action movie called Dobermann, which he had to tell Dylan about because it’s insane. A bunch of Blu-rays are out this week, but none are particularly interesting, with the exception of Ghost World which is our Blu-ray pick of the week and one of two Criterions being released. We also discuss the unfortunate news about Justice League and the winners of the Cannes Film Festival.

Next week, we shall return with our review of Wonder Woman and depending on when we record, you’ll probably hear some thoughts on The Leftovers because we’ve just been dying to talk about it on the podcast. In the meantime, give a listen to the podcast below:

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